Top 10 Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machines (Nov. 2022): Reviews & Buyers guide

You’ve narrowed your choice down to a Brother machine, very sensibly we might add, and you’re now wondering which would be the best one. But there are so many to choose from! And you probably came here in search of the best Brother sewing & embroidery machine review out there.

Let us help. It’s why we’re here. Brother has been making sewing machines for a very long time and it has a well-deserved reputation as a leading innovator and producer of high-quality machines. It is one of the best brands in the world. We reviewed its products before and were very impressed, so the chance to get our hands on some more was definitely welcome.

What you’ll find on this page is the best Brother sewing & embroidery machine review on the web. Simple as that. Our job is to search out the products, gather as much information on them and then make a simple, easy-to-read guide for those who don’t have the time (or want to) to do the searching themselves. We don’t have any affiliation with the brands mentioned here. Read on to find out more and find our research report.

Why Should You Trust Us?

It’s hard to know what to trust on the internet: you don’t know who wrote most of the stuff you’re reading, fake news is everywhere and there are so many competing commercial interests it’s almost impossible to know what is genuine and what is an advert.

We get it, we understand, those are the same issues we have. So you can be at least a little reassured by the fact that we don’t have any deals with Brother, we’re not in it to produce an advert for one product over another. That’s not how we do things.

What we do here is review products and give our honest opinions on what we thought. That honesty and thorough research is our business and we like to think we do it well. The very positive feedback we get tells us we’re on the right track.

Keep reading our best brother sewing & embroidery machine review and I’m sure you’ll agree, as well as finding the right Brother machine for you.

In about 4 years of reporting and reviewing for this site, we’ve looked at dozens of Brother sewing and embroidery machines and tested most of them. For this article, roughly 55 hours of web research, a week testing with our dedicated community of staff and volunteers and a lot of personal testing too. We’re sure that we’ve produced the best brother sewing & embroidery machine review around with this such great efforts.

History of Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Founded in Japan as the Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in 1908 by Kenekichi Yasui, Brother Industries have been an integral part of the industrialization and development of Japan, as well as being at the forefront of the development of the modern sewing machine.

Masayoshi Yasui, Kenekichi’s son, faced enormous hurdles to realize his dream of a sewing machine made entirely in Japan. At the time, the market was dominated by imported machines, and Japan did not have the infrastructure and production capabilities to compete.

Masayoshi was determined, however, and dove into research with his brothers, eventually producing Japan’s first sewing machine.

Initially, the machines the Yasui brothers produced were for making straw hats but by 1936 Brother were making industrial sewing machines. And by 1947 were exporting them, one of Brother’s aims since the founding of the business.

In the 50’s, Brother diversified, making electrical appliances for the home as well as knitting machines and a revolutionary typewriter. By the end of the decade, Brother was exporting to the USA and Europe, where their products lived up to their motto of “superior quality and diligent service.”

For the next 60 years, Brother expanded and diversified, exporting to nearly every country on Earth. Not only typewriters and sewing machines but the first printers and fax machines. Always at the cutting edge, Brother has made some of the greatest innovations in their field, a reputation they still uphold in the 21st century. One of the highest rated brands around.

Different Types of Brother Machine

Brother makes a huge range of products, from printers to sewing machines, but here’s a small guide to the sewing and embroidery machines they make.

  • First are the Brother sewing and quilting machines, which do as they say on the tin. A very useful combination, it’s a popular choice for those making bedclothes, cushions and more.
  • Brother’s embroidery machines are modern marvels, there is a wide range of capabilities but they all embroider to a very high standard. Program in the pattern you want and watch it appear on your fabrics as if by magic.
  • The sewing and embroidery combinations are astounding, Brother make some of the smartest and most versatile machines out there. Sew your garments and embroider them with the same machine.
  • Brother make a fine range of sergers (or overlockers) that make making high-quality garments and upholstery with linens or stretchy fabrics really easy. Keep your seams and hems secure.
  • The Project Runway machines made by Brother are really worth mentioning, they’re hugely capable sewing machines packed full of features.

What to Look for in a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother makes a huge range of sewing machines, and they all meet a very high standard, as they always have. Chances are, if it is a feature of a sewing or embroidery machine, Brother will have an option with that feature available.

When you’re looking for the right Brother product for you, have a think about what you need to do, and what you might need to do in the future. So, first of all, stitches and design variety. Do you keep it simple or need the versatility of a programmable machine you can load your own designs into? Digital is the future.

Will it do the right buttonholes for you? How about the speed control? Do you need a foot pedal with adjustable sensitivity? Are you professional or at home?

Modern sewing machines nearly all connect to computers and the internet, allowing for huge amounts of versatility and creativity: is this what you need?

The number of accessories can make the difference. You know with Brother they’re going to be good quality, so you only need to worry about which ones to get.

How easy is it to use? Can you cope with a big, complicated machine with all the bells and whistles? How big and heavy is it? Can you fit it where you need to in the studio or bedroom?

That seems like a lot to think about, but if you’ve got a rough idea of those factors, you’ll have the Brother machine you need in no time.

Who are Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines For?

You, by the sound of it. Brother offers a range wide enough to cover the very basics for those just starting out and the real professionals working in studios. Many of the best designers and garment workers around the world rely on their Brother machines on a daily basis.

Lots of sewers and embroiderers have been lucky enough to start with a Brother combo machine. One of their simpler ranges is the perfect present for that child or teenager (or anyone really!) who would love to get into the fabulous world of sewing or embroidery.

You know that any Brother machine will work well and last longer due to being well made. Their reputation is well earned. It is very difficult for a beginner if they have to fight against the machine, so many people are put off by the machine they are using breaking strings all the time or just being uncomfortable and unwieldy to use. If you’re thinking of buying for a beginner, there’s definitely a choice for them.

Past the beginners’ stage, Brother has a range of machines that have a greater range of capabilities. In fact, they offer something for basically any application. So by looking in the Brother range, you’re in a good place. Sew at home or at work with a Brother sewing and embroidery machine.

For the expert, you’ll know what you need and are likely to have used a Brother before, so you know what we’re talking about when we wax poetic about them. Take a look at the programmable features, the latest software with some useful tips and the combinations of features.

There are light versions of Brother machines available, so someone who travels a lot can find what they need in the range.

Advantages of Using a Brother Sewing Machine

You know what you’re getting with a Brother machine: ease of use. Over a century of research and design has been incorporated into the construction and features, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to sew or embroider, at work or at home.

Features like the feeder dogs, the footer and top loading bobbins are all the products of years of refinement, so they work seamlessly. A quality of a Brother machine is that they are consistently made from high-quality materials, so they don’t break down much.

Children especially will benefit from a Brother machine, the simplicity and ease with which the machines can be operated make learning much easier. For adults, the sewing speeds are regular and easily controllable for home and professional use.

Some Brother sewing machines have a very large, wide table, meaning making quilts is much smoother than on many machines. No compromising with the stitch quality. Even on the more affordable ranges, features such as virtual spool pins, a rarity on a low priced machine, are included. It’s easy to see why Brother are maintaining their reputation for excellence.

The LED’s on Brother machines produce a very clear, white light that lets you see every stitch and embroider, even on very dark fabrics. Create with fewer mistakes.

Accessorizing your clothes and fabrics at home is supremely easy with a Brother machine, with automatic button-holing, specific zipper feet and insertion stitches making that style you’re looking for a pleasure to attain. All Brothers have easy bobbin winders, a godsend of a feature for any garment or fabric worker.

How We Picked and Tested

In the four years, we’ve been reviewing this site, we’ve refined and honed our picking and testing techniques to a fine art. Our team of ever dedicated volunteers and staff stand ready, awaiting the order; when it comes they become a hive of well-rehearsed workers, each going to their task and bringing us back samples, products, information, and opinions.

For this article, they brought back about 20 Brother machines for us to take a look at, we tested most of them, and while none of them was perfect, there was a very impressive range of features and quality on show.

We spent close to two months testing and evaluating these products in our community of testers, reviewers, and writers. We were seeing how well they performed in our test conditions and how they performed with the operation guides turned on and off.

Everything we looked at we measured. That meant a lot of data and a lot of comparisons. Some of the things we were looking for were: the appearance, manufacturing quality, size and weight, utility, ease of use, adjustability, performance in our tests and more. It was only after an intense comparison of these factors that we could make the best Brother sewing & embroidery machine review.

Our research has been exhaustive, we researched on the internet, physically tested the machines and consulted just about everybody. We are therefore confident that the best Brother sewing and embroidery machine review we could make is found below.

Our Top Ten Product List

In our intense analysis, we looked at what we thought were the 57 most important features for each product we selected. That produced a great deal of data, which is compiled in an easy to read research report and available for the reader to use, for free! We only ask that you like any of our social media pages to view the report. We hope you find the data useful! If you like our best Brother sewing & embroidery machine review, the data will help you in your choices.

Our Top Pick: Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Fave Pick


Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

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Best Features for Affordable Price

With its rich-feature plus affordable price, the Brother CS6000i is considered as one of the superior sewing machines from Brother. You can never wrong with this one!

Why is this machine our Top Pick?

First of all, let us tell you a little about how we came to choose this product:

  1. We analyzed 57 different features we thought were important on each product we selected for the best Brother sewing & embroidery machine review. That huge amount of data let us do the most exact comparison we could. This Brother didn’t win in every category, it didn’t even have the maximum number of positive features, but it was the unique combination of effective and desirable features that made it our No. 1 Pick.
  2. The versatility of this machine made it really stand out, it comes with 60 built-in stitches: 20 decorative stitches, 20 for garment construction, 7 for quilting, 6 heirloom stitches and 7 auto buttonhole style stitches. There is a stitch speed slide that gives the user precise control over the speed of sewing. The automatic needle threader works extremely well and saves lots of time.
  3. In spite of having so many great features, this product falls neatly into the affordable price bracket, coming in at under $150.
  4. The rating frequency on Amazon (how fast the machine got its first 30 positive reviews) was very high, getting 10 positive ratings in 3 days, 10 more in the next 3 days and 4 days later achieving another 10.
  5. A number of features added to this machine being our Top Pick, for example, the large working space. The oversized table gives ample room for maneuvering and getting the right angles. This machine has a very high ease of use, all the functions like selecting stitches are immediately and intuitively available on the clear and convenient LCD screen.

All this adds up to it being our Top Pick

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: Definitely the best machine from Brother

Our Top Pick is rarely easy to choose and this was no exception. Brother has made some really fine product for over 100 years and this is another in that long series of superior machines.

Where to start? During our exhaustive and extensive analysis of all these machines, this one stood out to us because of its features and price. For less than 150 bucks you can pick up a Brother machine that will out-compete machines from other manufacturers that cost much more.

Amongst those features are the 60 built-in stitches. A huge range of fabric creativity is open to the owner of this sewing machine, it can do just about anything. One reviewer said that while it wasn’t an embroidery machine, it was versatile enough to be used as one for manual embroidery. Quilting is a dream on this machine.

The LCD display was clear and worked intuitively, we had no problems getting to all the settings or changing things around. The on-board light is super bright and gives off a very pure white light, perfect for detailed work on the spacious table.

As ever with Brother, the support they offer their customers is excellent. We gave their free phone support line a call and found them very helpful indeed. That support is available for the lifetime of the product, and as the Brother CS6000i comes with a 25-year limited warranty, that could be a long time.

We don’t anticipate you having to use it though, the bilingual manual is very clear and well designed, and the construction quality is superb. Brother makes machines to last, this is one of those.

Operating the machine is super easy, the foot pedal gives very precise control over the sewing speed and doesn’t feel like we could break it by accidentally kicking it (which happens more than we’d like to admit).

This machine is full of great features with a great build quality as well. For the price, it is unbeatable. Check out our research report for the rest of the brilliant features that added to that decision.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • 60 built-in stitches
  • A 25-year warranty
  • High build quality
  • Great customer support
  • Precise speed control
  • Digital


  • Not programmable

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Best Combo machine: Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

Superb Combo


Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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The Ultimate Embroidery Machine Combo

This superb combo is capable of both sewing and embroidery with unique built-in sewing stitches and embroidery designs; you can even update new designs with its internet-enabled feature.

From our research report, which you can view for free (see above), it is clear that this is the best Brother embroidery machine combo. A combo is capable of both sewing and embroidery, very useful.

This Brother sewing and embroidery machine combo contains the most positive features of any of the Brothers we reviewed here, according to our research report. Take a peek and see for yourself. The back-lit LCD display gives easy access to the 67 unique built-in sewing stitches and 70 embroidery designs that come with the machine. There are 5 lettering fonts to choose from
The one-touch automatic thread cutter cuts the top and bobbin threads with maximum ease. At 4 inches to a side, the spacious embroidery area gives easily enough room for nearly any design. Fabric feeding and the 7 point feed dogs create a very easy sewing experience.

Connectable to the internet, this machine can be kept up to date by downloading updates and importing designs.

The rating frequency is fairly good, receiving the first 10 ratings in 9 days, 10 more in the next 9 days and the last 10 in 19 days.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: The best combo machine from Brother you can buy

If we were to describe this Brother in one word it would have to be versatile. Fully functioning as a very good stitcher, the SE400 is a very capable embroiderer too.

Let’s start with sewing: fully 67 different stitches come built in to this Brother, more than enough for many users, but there is an internet full of stitches you can download onto the machine with ease that takes this machine from impressive to superb. The software is easy to use and intuitively designed to make downloading new stitches to your Brother as easy as possible.

But that’s not all, you can do the same for the embroidery! This is where that internet connection really comes into its own. There are 70 built-in designs and 5 fonts to choose from on the machine, but the internet has thousands to choose from. Or design your own and download them to the machine with ease. There are no barriers to your creativity with this Brother.

Joining the list of things that aren’t holding you back is the build quality, which is superlative. High-quality materials and a great design mean this is built to last. That’s why it has a 25-year warranty and free phone support for as long as the machine lasts. Brother has been around since 1908 and we can expect to see them around in 2108 if they keep this up.

The 4 inch by 4 inch table is big enough for anything we tested it with and creates a very comfortable area for your designs and stitches to come to fruition. Brother has mastered the art of bobbin loading with the Quick-Set top bobbin loader, alongside the efficient needle threading system, this is a very easy machine to get going.

All this at a surprising price, you can get one of these for under $300. For the huge capabilities, this is really impressive. Throw in the warranty, support and the build quality, we can’t find a better combo for the price, Brother or no.

The reviews back us up, on Amazon a staggering 77% of reviews are 5*. That’s as high as we’ve seen for any mass market product.


  • Loads of features
  • Internet-enabled
  • Pre-loaded with 67 stitches
  • 70 built-in designs
  • 4 inch by 4 inch table
  • One of the best brands around
  • Both sewing and embroidery work well
  • Clear LCD touchscreen


  • Could be too complicated for some

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Budget Pick: Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine

Economical Best


Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine

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Budget Pick High-Quality Sewing Machine

It’s the best choice for a high-quality yet budget friendly sewing machine. It is popular to travelers because it is lightweight and easy to use. Handy and on-the-go!

Not quite the lowest priced Brother machine on our list, it is our Budget Pick because it has both a low price and a comparatively high number of positive features. You can see them all in our research report. The 27 built-in stitches, which include blind hem, decorative, stretch stitches and zig-zag, as well as the autosize buttonholer, add up to this being a very versatile sewing machine.

Ease of use is a major feature of this Brother. The needle threader, jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin really make setting up and going easy. The LED light illuminates the work area very effectively, you won’t be squinting at the stitches with this machine.

On Amazon, the rating frequency is pretty good, it received 10 positive ratings in the first 20 days, 10 more in the following 17 days and 10 more in the next 20 days. For a budget pick, that is what we were expecting, and it is what we got.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: Short on cash but still want a Brother product? Try this!

For under $90, we’re amazed Brother can make something that shares the same high-quality construction and design qualities as its more expensive cousins in the range. But they have done it, and done it well.

This is a great choice for someone needing a cheap sewing machine they can be confident with and rely on. Lots of people take these when they travel because they are well made and lightweight.

We particularly enjoyed the instructional DVD, it made setting up extremely easy and was confidence inspiring, we felt we knew where we stood with the machine. Our testing and analysis found it to be a very effective sewer, which, combined with the 27 built-in stitches, buttonholer and easy bobbin winding, makes it a perfect choice for a child or someone who doesn’t like a complicated sewing experience.

Taking a look at the reviews online is a useful way of telling whether we’ve been sent one of the few that works, or the faults we’ve found aren’t common to all of the products. In the case of the Brother Xm2701, there’s no discrepancy, other people are reporting what we’ve found. And that’s that it is a very nice little, lightweight sewing machine.

We did find the LED a bit weak, extended sessions of work on this machine could prove a little difficult for some with poorer eyesight, but it was still good enough to work by in most conditions.

The pressure foot control isn’t adjustable, and while we found the pressure to be fine during our testing, some people are very particular and could be put off. The lack of a carry handle could also put some off, but it remains a good machine for travel.

These are minor qualms though, for the price and quality, there’s hardly anything that can compete for the Budget Pick.


  • Very affordable
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile – 27 built-in stitches
  • Easy to use
  • Instructional DVD


  • Lacks some adjustability
  • LED is weak

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Best Portable Pick: Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

Handy Choice


Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

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A Travelers’ Best Friend

Project Runway is a travelers’ best friend. With its carrying handle, great build quality, and very light weight feature, it’s the best portable sewing machine!

Weighing in at 10.6 lbs out of the box, this Brother Project Runway is the most lightweight of the sewing machines we reviewed here, and therefore, is the Best Portable Pick.

50 onboard stitches and 87 stitch functions make sewing just about anything a breeze. Seriously capable yet very easy to use, the user interface is simple, clear and intuitive. We had no problems selecting settings or getting the functions we needed out of it.

The feed system works extremely smoothly and very precise stitching is possible on the Project Runway. The bobbin winding system and top loading bobbins on Brother machines are a real advantage.

A 25-year warranty comes as standard on this machine. Free customer support as well.

It has a vertical spool pin and the LED is super bright, giving it the edge in low light or precise settings. The stitch chart is printed on the side of the machine so you have a visual representation of the stitch before you use it.

A carrying handle adds to the portability, as does its small footprint and lightweight.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: Always on the go? This portable combo machine is for here you

At around $110 and just over 10 pounds weight, we thought this was a superb choice for the traveling garment or fabric worker. The convenient and well-placed carrying handle means it can make getting between classrooms or to work much less of a hassle.

Definitely in the affordable range but not in the rubbish range, it comes with 50 built-in stitches and 87 stitch functions that make it capable of a huge range of creative endeavors.

It’s capable enough for a child’s second sewing machine: as they’re getting better and gaining skills they’ll want more functionality but not more weight. This could be a great present for a young friend who you want to inspire.

The standard Brother innovations are welcome on this machine, it has the bobbin winding system and top loading bobbins that make using a Brother so easy. The feed system is so smooth, it really is a pleasure to use. It has a drop feed system as well, making free motion quilting a cinch.

All this, added to the reliability that comes as standard on a Brother – a 25-year limited warranty, free customer support for the life of the product and extremely high build standard, really add up to it being a great choice for a child, student or traveling garment worker.

Very positively reviewed on the internet, there are a lot of people who are enjoying the quiet, smooth operation and the high quality of this sewing machine. Oddly, there are one or two reports of bad manufacturing, but we can’t see how, ours was very solidly made.

The LCD screen is small but it gives all the information you need, and the LED is very bright. It has a quiet operation too, great for a headache-free sewing.


  • Affordable
  • Carrying handle
  • Very lightweight
  • Portable
  • 87 stitches built in
  • Great build quality
  • Bright LED


  • Small
  • Not as versatile as some

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Best for Quilters: Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Quilters Pick


Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

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Perfect Sewing Machine for Quilters

Sewing machine with loads of quilting options. The Brother HC1850 is the perfect sewing machine for quilt artists and enthusiasts with great quality and fair price.

Quilting is an art of its own. Let the Brother HC1850 help with getting your creations out into the world. Not only built and designed for quilting, this Brother does a very good job of basic monogram and decorative stitches.

It has 130 stitches built in, giving huge versatility to the user. The 8 auto-buttonholes work very neatly, the quilting stitches are as expected: excellent, and the machine functions very well when doing clothing and heirloom stitching. Very high-quality decorative stitches are well within the comprehensive list of capabilities of the HC1850.

Built with stitching at the forefront of the design, it has a wide detachable table, a sprung, specially designed quilting foot, up to 14 quilting stitch modes and of course, free-motion quilting.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: Are you a quilter? You already know what Brother has for you!

We put in the instructional DVD and followed the instructions. Clearly, they had encountered morons like us before, because it covered all the bases and we had our Brother up and running in no time at all. We had a look through the manual and it was equally clear, we weren’t going to get away with not setting this machine up!

Big fans of quilting, we were excited about a dedicated quilter that pulled no punches. This lived up to our expectations and more. The work area (which is detachable!) is massive and allowed for very confident free-motion quilting. Too small a work area and snags can foul everything up. No problems here. Our research report can give you lots more information to help you decide which is best for you.

The drop feed works really nicely, we enjoyed how smooth and in control it felt to use it. Confidence is everything with good free-motion quilting, you’ve got to commit, this machine inspired confidence in us and made it a breeze to quilt.

14 quilting functions are included, which covered anything we tried with it. Versatile and easy to use, not an easy combination, but they’ve managed it. You can check what the stitches look like on the neat flip chart on the side of the machine. This saves a lot of time and occasionally tears as you test out the wrong stitches.

Of course, this quilter isn’t just for quilting, it can do simple monograms and a whole host of clothing and decorative stitches, so it is hardly a one-trick pony. The bobbin loader and needle system all work beautifully without any needle breaking issues to keep you quilting and not fiddling around with tiny sharp things. Your monogram will never be so easy.

This machine is really well rated on Amazon, gaining a 4.6 out of 5 stars in 795 reviews. That’s very good, just take a look at some of the competitors’ ratings. We don’t rely on ratings here but they do give a good picture to help us decide if we’re barking up the wrong tree.

We’re not, this is a great quilting machine for a very fair price.


  • Affordable
  • Great build quality
  • Lots of quilting options
  • Large workspace
  • Super bright LED
  • Does decorative and clothing stitches too
  • Monogram option
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Well rated
  • Instructional DVD


  • Could be limiting for a professional

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Best for the Embroiderers: Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery machine

Embroidery Wonder


Brother PE770 5x7 inch Embroidery machine

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The Finest Embroidery Machine

Packed with 136 embroidery design plus 6 fonts and USB port, this embroidery machine is the ultimate dream machine for every imaginative enthusiasts and professionals.

For embroiderers only! A specifically designed embroidery machine that can tackle a huge range of embroidery tasks, this can give any embroiderer a run for their money if they know what they do.

136 embroidery designs come pre-loaded, alongside 6 lettering fonts. The designs are varied and high quality, ranging from scrollwork to quilt patterns and florals. Choose from 10 different frame shapes and a dozen border styles. Can monogram very nicely.

The work area is 5 inches by 7, allowing for some huge designs. Download your own to the machine via USB or import them from the thousands available on the internet. The PE770 has onboard memory so it can store your designs for another day.

The options available for manipulating the designs are very handy, try rotations, mirror imaging, changing size and reviewing on the bright LCD display before committing them to the stitch.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: Are you into embroidering? You can try this Brother product anytime for desired results

This embroiderer is not cheap, coming in at around $500. But that money is paying for something special. This embroiderer has massive capabilities, it’s only limited by your imagination.

The huge (they say expansive, which is true) field measures 5 by 7 inches, easily large enough for nearly anything we could throw at it during testing. The screen is large enough to allow reviewing, previewing and altering designs before stitching, it is brightly lit and clear to boot.

This machine comes packed with 136 embroidery designs and 6 fonts but the real advantage of the PE770 is the USB port. Connect your USB stick and load up whatever designs you’ve made or downloaded from the internet. A whole world of creativity has been opened up with this feature: if you can imagine it, you can embroider it.

We had a look at the reviews online and found that, while some people had issues with the relative complexity of the machine, the vast majority had a lot of success. The negative reviews were generally from people who couldn’t operate the machine or had ordered the wrong thing. Nothing much seemed to be wrong with the machine other than some issues with tension. However, it can be easily adjusted with this step by step guide!

10 built-in one-step buttonholes come with the machine, and we must say they work brilliantly. Download some more if you need, but the onboard ones cover most applications. 11 sewing feet add to the versatility, these mean the machine can cater to any user’s demands.

Brother has a well-earned reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and this machine did not disappoint. The construction materials are tough and durable, the design is well refined and built for utility. There should be no problem with this machine living past its 25 year warranty period.


  • USB compatible
  • Import your own designs
  • Huge field
  • Super bright LED
  • Clear, large screen
  • Well reviewed
  • Lots of onboard designs
  • Auto buttonholer
  • Very high construction standard
  • Very well rated


  • Some issues with tension in some reviews
  • Expensive

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Best for Professionals: Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Professional Grade Sewing Machine

Professional’s Choice


Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Sewing Machine

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The Best Machine for Professional Finesse

Definitely this sewing machine is every professional’s choice. The largest built-in stitches yet user-friendly sewing machine is the bomb. It’s expensive but absolutely worth it.

A professional grade sewing machine from Brother, the PC420PRW takes sewing to a different level. This had the largest number of built-in stitches of any machine we’ve reviewed, standing at 294 individual stitches. You’ll find 67 utility stitches, 4 cross stitches, a full 31 decorative stitches, 10 decorative stitches and 16 stain stitches on board.

3 lettering styles and 10 auto buttonhole styles top the very comprehensive list. Adjust the pressure foot to your own settings and use the one-handed threading system. Something called a F.A.S.T bobbin system is just that: fast!

Extremely solidly built, it will survive its 25 years of warranty and then some with no issues.

The speed is variable and adjusts smoothly even without a foot controller, which you can attach if needed. Complete with 11 presser feet, a very tough hard case and a wide range of accessories, this is the perfect choice for the professional.

Detailed Review

Best Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine Review: This high-end Brother machine is for you if you're a pro sewer & embroiderer

There is one problem with the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW, if you buy one, you’ll never settle for less again. This is one seriously capable sewing machine that blows all the competition out of the water.

Let’s start with the looks. It has a pleasing white plastic and metal build, with smooth curves and lots of nice buttons. It looks the real deal, which, when you use it, you will realize it is.

A whopping 294 stitches can be found pre-installed, giving a professional level of versatility. It can operate at 850 stitches per minute and deliver a very high level of precision. The LED-lit table is wide and allows for a great deal of maneuverability as you put those stitches to good use. Really adding to the experience is the fabric feeding system, which gives a very controlled and smooth flow into the machine, giving you all the control you can ask for.

A machine like this will not hold back any user, it is full of features like the variable speed control, F.A.S.T bobbin system (which is very fast and easy indeed), and the one-handed threading system, which we love. It is ridiculously easy to use this machine, once you’ve figured out the intuitive and well-designed user interface.

No need to panic at the sight of all those buttons, the manual is very clear and well designed, it will guide you through and leave you feeling confident. Or you can call their free and very helpful customer support. It’s all part of the Brother experience. You pay for quality. Take a look at our research report, you’ll find even more features!

Talking of pay, this machine is very reasonable, we think. You can snag one for less than $330, meaning it is out of the affordable range but well within the range of the serious user. Worth saving your pennies for the extra level of versatility, control, and comfort that come with this machine.

Unsurprisingly, the reviews are excellent. People regularly compare it with machines that are twice the price. Rated like this, are you convinced?


  • Extraordinary versatility
  • 294 stitches on board
  • A.S.T bobbin system
  • One-handed threading (so good)
  • Clear user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Great manual
  • Computerized
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Well rated


  • Expensive
  • …no more complaints from us!

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List of 3 Other Products We Reviewed

No 8. Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine Review

Beginners’ Favorite


Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine

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Best Price for Beginners

It’s a limited edition sewing machine from Brother and this is the best option yet for beginners. Standard features, user-friendly, and great build quality plus reasonable price.

At the top end of our affordable list, the Brother XR9500 is none the less great value for money. It offers 100 built-in stitches, easy quilting capabilities with its oversized table and monogram ability. Utility, decorative and heirloom stitches are all included and cover a very large range of potential creations.

The 7mm zigzag and decorative stitching options are particularly useful, we thought they added a helpful element of versatility to an already capable machine. The included accessories, which are well made and cover a wide range of needs, pack neatly into a compartment at the arm of the machine.

140 stitch functions are enough for us and probably enough for you, for the price, nothing offers more. We love the bobbin winding system on the Brother machines, it has saved us so much stress over the years. It’s here and works brilliantly. So too did the Needle Threading System and drop-in top bobbin, which never jammed during our tests.

The LED wasn’t as bright as some, strangely, but it did the job pretty well. There were enough feet included so as not to limit the user and more can be purchased very easily and cheaply.

Once again, we were very impressed with the construction and materials of this Brother. It felt like we could throw it down the stairs and it would still be stitching away. The 25-year warranty is appropriate, we can’t see it failing before then, even with heavy use. You can’t oil the machine yourself, it’s a sealed unit, but send it away for periodic servicing and this Brother will become a member of the family.

It’s well suited to a beginner, being both relatively affordable and versatile. I would have liked to start on this machine, it would have made it much easier to learn.

As ever, the reviews are brilliant. The only 1* reviews were from people either clearly paid to write them or who had not understood how to use it.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Lots of options
  • All the standard Brother features
  • Great construction
  • Looks good
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Hardcover included


  • Could be too expensive for some beginners

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No 9. Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine Review

Traditional Choice


Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine

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Reliable Machine for Beginners

It’s not digital or computerized, but this sewing machine’s best features are no less either. This is great for first time users and children with its easy needle threading.

We think this machine looks really cool. Yes, looks aren’t everything, but it looks very snazzy indeed, doesn’t it? Especially considering it’s one of Brother’s affordable machines.

Affordable it might be, small it might be, but it suffers from no drop in quality from those two factors. As usual, Brother has included the most important factors in their cheaper models. This is what makes them one of the most reliable brands on the planet.

It’s really well constructed out of high-grade materials. These things are built to last a quarter-century, that’s why they come with the 25-year warranty. We can’t ask for more when it comes to the standard of quality.

There are only 25 built-in stitches on the XL2600i but that’s OK, it isn’t meant to be the best, it’s just meant to be a nice little workhorse. We think one of these would be a great present for a child expressing an interest in making and designing fabrics and clothes. They will be able to learn without bad design or construction holding them back, and when they either give up or move on to a more versatile machine, your capital outlay won’t have been too big. They might just stick with the machine though, it’s far from useless. The needle threader works really nicely, it has top end features like the drop in bobbin and auto bobbin winding.

It comes with 5 presser feet, which should keep a lot of users going without the need to buy a new foot. No monogram here, and it’s not computerized or digital, but it is still capable of a lot.


  • A 25-year warranty
  • Free phone support
  • Affordable
  • 25 built-in stitches
  • Free arm
  • Easy needle threading
  • Great for beginners
  • One of the best brands


  • Limited capabilities
  • Not many accessories
  • Not digital
  • Not computerized

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No 10. Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Best Cheap Pick


Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine

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Cheapest Combo for a Quality Machine

Versatile and very affordable combo! This is the best choice yet for sewing and quilting needs. With its wide table and great build design, it’s just too perfect for beginners.

Versatile and packed full of features, this easy-to-use sewing and quilting combo is also very affordable. It’s the cheapest Brother combo, but still benefits from the brands’ quality reputation and 25-year warranty.

It has an enormous work area for a large range of quilting options, you won’t find yourself needing any more space with this machine. This makes free-motion quilting a really enjoyable experience as the feed system is very smooth as well.

Very simple in its features, it isn’t digital or computerized, but it doesn’t have to be. It is fully functional and very efficiently designed. As the instructional DVD shows, it is very easy to set up and start your stitching journey. We liked this machine a lot, it is unpretentious and very useful.

37 stitches come with the machine, therefore, it can cover a lot of different areas and give the beginner a real taste of the versatility and creative fun a stitcher can have.

The standard automatic needle threader, free arm, and jam-resistant bobbin come on this sewing machine. They’re standard but they are oh, so good. What did we do without them?

Check the reviews on the internet, as well as our research report, and you’ll see that the features and great build quality of the Brother XR3774 are appealing to a lot of buyers. People have them for years and report no problems, a really important factor to look for.


  • Very affordable
  • Wide table
  • Versatile
  • Well reviewed
  • A 25-year warranty
  • 37 stitches included
  • Simple
  • Perfect for a child or beginner


  • Not digital or computerized
  • Too simple for some

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List of other products we tested

Care and Maintenance

Brother sewing machines need taking care of. They might be incredibly solidly built and have a warranty of a quarter-century, but they will only last that long if you take good care of them.

That means that you put them in the case when transporting them, keep all the accessories in the compartment they came from, check for damage and bent needles and feet.

You can’t do too much of your own maintenance on a Brother machine, they’re sealed units that are designed to be serviced by professionals, not the user. So you’ll periodically have to send it off for a good clean and an oil. This isn’t too expensive, so don’t worry, and it’ll keep your Brother in the best shape and lasting past that warranty.

Wrapping it Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Brother sewing machines reviews, we enjoyed writing them. Hopefully, you can find the Brother Sewing and embroidery machine you need. If you take a quick look at our research report, you’ll find all the information you need to make your best choice.

We’re here to help, and we hope we did. Bookmark the page and come back to the site for more reviews and guides.
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