Top 10 Serger Machines ( Nov. 2022 ): Reviews & Buyers Guide

For a clothing manufacturing company, sewing is very important in most cases. Classic sewing machines are always a natural and easy choice to make considering certain important factors. These are the basic sewing machines, without any variety to suit you.

After starting up my manufacturing business with Design My Costume, I quickly realised the pace of sewing and variety of sewing with the traditional machines, just upgrades of very old models, is very poor. I looked all over the internet, on all serger machine reviews, while sitting on my squeaky chair in the office, above my very own factory, and I came to the conclusion on the best sewer machine for us.

We received over 60 new machines, so it’s fair to say that we have had our fair share of experience with these products. We personally found that the variety of serger machines we started to work with were more durable and professional, even our employees agreed.

Why Should You Trust Us?

My team and I have been endlessly updating Design My Costume for the past 4 years. Over this time, we have seriously considered 20 of the best serger machines on the market. We have tested practically every product with a few exceptions. Our concentration in this article is to help customers make the correct decision on their serger machine, for this reason, we created a top 10 best serger machine list.

We spent at least 55 hours testing, using customer feedback and community-based usage to come up with the top review serger machine website page out of all the serger machine reviews. Our main purpose for writing this product review is to help you find the best serger machine for you, rather than supporting serger machine manufacturers.

With all of our researching factors in mind, we took our time to pick the best and most effective serger machine.

What Is a Serger and What Does It Do?

Serger machines are basically upgraded versions of traditional sewing machines. This type of sewing machine is useful because of the different stitching it performs. Different to normal sewing machines, a serger will have fingers that are mechanical below the fabric, as well as needles above. This allows serger machines to wind thread around the side of a fabric, which is excellent.

As well as this feature, the knife feature is special to serger machines. Before the fabric is stitched, the knife gently and cleanly trims the fabric just before it is stitched with threads. This creates a smooth finish known as serged edges.

The stitches are also capable of stretching into the direction being stitched into. Active suits and swimwear are made using this strategy.

Generally, sergers are utilized in order to make the edges of fabric and garment pieces excellent and clean. However, advanced serger machines can do what normal sewing machines can do as well as the edges of fabrics.

History of Serger Machines

The first overlock stitch machine, different from the common coverstitch sewing machine, was created before the 19th century, in 1881 by a Company called Merrow Machine. The owner, Merrow, and his son both worked on creating overlock stitching machines, especially looped machines. The loopers were used so that needles could pass through the loop.

In 1905, however, there was a lawsuit between the Merrow Company and another company known as Willcox and Gibbs. The developing rights of overlock machines were passed to the Merrow Machine Company and then the serger machine was named. They were initially used to prevent fraying on the edge of fabrics.

The first industrial serger machines were not useful or suitable for home usage, so in 1964, a Japanese company decided to make a smaller serger machine so people could use it at home.

How the Serger Machine Differentiates from a Normal Sewing Machine

A serger machine and a sewing machine have one similarity and practically one only. This similarity is that they both sew fabrics. Sewing machines can do everything for you, however, serger machines can only do certain things. Topstitches and zips, for example, are not possible with a serger machine.

A serger machine doesn’t only sew, it cuts just before it sews, which is convenient considering you have to cut the fabric before you sew with a sewing machine. The blade sits just before the needles which stitch.

A locked stitch is created with most serger machines. This is because a serger machine uses 3 or 4 stitches generally. A normal sewing machine would typically use just one.

A serger has a faster speed of stitching and cutting than a typical sewing machine. This is fantastic for manufacturers because it takes less time to produce more and it will only improve your profits. Even at home, it is useful if you are impatient or don’t have time.

The necks of most serger machines are shorter than typical sewing machines. This makes serger machines easier to store with a faster stitching time and the same amount of power, most of the time.

You can even have a serger machine and sewing machine joint into one machine, this depends on your preferences though, of course.

Types Of Serger Stitches

The first type of serger stitch is one type of thread and it is used on a 1-thread stitcher. It is commonly known as the butt seam because the edges of the fabric stitches being used are zig-zagged together. Usually, this technique is used when you intend to not put stress on that part, hence why it is less durable and reliable than other stitching methods. Typically lingerie is made using this stitching method.

Another technique is used on 2-thread serger stitching machines. There are two ways in which this technique can be applied. The 2-thread flatlock is one type of 2-thread stitching. This creates a flat as well as a thin edge and finish to your fabric. This method is usually used in stretchable clothing like swimsuits. Another type is known as the 2-thread rolled hem, which creates a unique and decorative finish to your product. This threading can be seen on the edge of most tablecloths.

Thread overlock is a type of threading that is used typically in knitted clothing as well as some woven fabric. This 3-thread overlock stitch uses just one of the needles in a serger machine, unlike our next stitch. This can also be utilized to make a blind hem.

The 4-thread stitch is more durable than the other mentioned stitches. This is why it is the most common type of stitch to finish seams, as it is also stronger than the other options you have.

Lastly, the 5-thread overlock stitch is used to further strengthen the edge of a seam, previously made by another stitch.

What to Look for in a Good Serger Machine?

Try to look for a serger machine with at least 4 threads as this can make your product far more durable than anything below 3 threads. Different feeds should also be a primary thought when looking into serger machines. This helps with different types of fabrics, although, this is a standard feature on most serger machines.

Automatic threading is something which is a dream to most sewers, but jet threading is very easy and quick. However, automatic serger machines cost significantly more than manual serger machines, up to 1000 dollars.

Many options are available with the higher end products. Coverstitch serger machines are one example of the variety serger machines offer. However, if you are low on cash then I advise you settle for a lower priced options, unless it is a necessity for you.

If the serger machine comes with an instruction booklet or even a DVD, it will help you to an extreme length. The video will make sewing a lot quicker and your understanding of how the serger machine works will be greatly improved.

Also, looking out for some reviews on the product you are inspecting is also recommended. Like our reviews, they have to be detailed and true.

Who Are Serger Machines For?

Serger machines are for those who regularly sew, whether it is for work or for your family, for example. Since the products are quite expensive, we are looking at hundreds of dollars. The question that needs to be asked is, do you need to spend large amounts on a serger machine? Or do you not sew often. If you love sewing then this product is likely going to be fantastic for you.

You should always remember that there are plenty of options out there in terms of sewing. Sewing machines cost less and do the job just fine, just not to the professional standard of serger machines.

It is also best to have previous experience with sewing because starting off with a serger machine can be quite difficult and daunting. A lot of stuff is likely to go wrong on your first try, even with lots of research.

How We Picked and Tested

Our process of selection included many factors. We took into consideration community-based usage, practical testing, reviews and even data from volunteers that kindly tested the products. Over the last 4 years of Design My Costume, we have considered over 20 serger machines and tested most of them. This has helped us pick our top 10 serger machines, although none are perfect, they are certainly the top 10 serger machines on the market, whether it is coverstitch or overstitch.

We have nearly used 2 months of our time here at Stuffoholic to research these products utilizing community-based usage. We were able to discover how each product worked with features turned on and off. We have measured the professional and performance factors of each product and took into account many factors. We measured the following features we believe are important: size, appearance, weight, usability, model, manufacturer, performance, automatic or manual and usability, as well as some other features. After comparing the measures of each feature we decided, here at Design My Costume, what the best serger machines you can find are.

We carefully used our time to find the best products just for you. We are one hundred percent confident that these products are the absolute best serger machines on the entire sewing machine market.

Our Top Ten Product List:

In our top 10 product list, we have analysed the 45 most important features for serger machines in each product. We did this using a research report which is available to all of our readers so we can help you find the best serger machine for you. We would like you to like any of our social media pages before you can witness our helpful research report. Our list was selected mainly based off of the features included in this report because the features are so important.

Our Pick: Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed



Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger Machine

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Best serger in the market

At under 200 dollars, this serger offers exceptionally fast stitching functions. Enjoy an easy stitching experience with its foot controller and plenty of accessories. It’s our #1 because it has no cons!

Why this product is our best pick?

  1. After the analysation of 45 important features for serger machines and we decided that this product was the best at the majority of these features. We discovered that this product has the most amount of unique and important features compared to any of the other 9 serger machines. We strongly believe this product is the best on this list.
  2. The Brother 1034D comes with plenty of features. It is packed with over 22 stitching functions including three thread overlock, four thread overlock, narrow, ribbon lock stitching, hem, home décor and crafts, reinforced tape and heirloom appliances and even speciality stitch functions which can be used for formal and bridal clothing.
  3. For serger machines, this product falls into a very affordable range of under 200 dollars, although, the product comes with plenty of positive features compared to our other choices.
  4. After we compared the rating frequency we understood that this product is receiving ratings at an exceptional rate. The last 30 ratings on Amazon were received in just 14 days. The first 10 ratings were received in 5 days, the second 10 ratings were received in 5 days and the last 10 ratings were received in just 10 days.
  5. There are plenty of standout features that make this product’s feature combination unique from the other products. The special features that this serger comes accommodated with to assert its place as the best serger machine. The special features that this serger machine holds are the 2 snap-on feet, softcover, needles, video, instructions and some other important features. All these features become very effective and easy to use after you have read the instruction manual.

Detailed Review

best serger machine: Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

After using this product for over 3 weeks, we realized that this serger machine was the best on the market. The product was exceptional for us and we didn’t notice any mistakes with it. The fabrics cut very cleanly and then sewed to an exceptional standard.

The 4 thread overlock was definitely the best with this product, for us anyway. The 4 thread overlock strengthened our clothes and fabrics. It also made quite a nice pattern, well, that’s what the Design My Costume team noticed. Although, the three thread overlock was a fantastic alternative for us when we got bored and wanted to change the edges of the fabric.

The instruction manual is quite unique compared to the other products’ accessories and attachments. The instructions are possibly the easiest of any product in this market, and in any market for that fact.

The even stitch dream for every sewer is prevalent with this product because of its different feed capabilities. We believe this is one of the most effective features in this product for its demand and importance.

The product also has phone support, so if you are a more technological person then you will enjoy this product just like us. The phone support never let us down, though it was quite complicated at first because it was only briefly mentioned in the instructions.

The foot controller makes the product a lot easier to use because your hands are not necessarily needed. This feature gave us time to get valuable rest and thinking time which only improved the finishing of our fabrics we tested at Design My Costume.

This serger machine uses traditional sewing machine needles. So if it ever breaks, it would not be a difficult task to have the needle replaced. You would just need to do a simple Amazon search.


  • 4 thread overlock
  • traditional needles
  • lots of accessories


  • nothing at all!


For a reasonable price, this product is definitely worth it. It has the rarest and most important combinations of features, which is why you should consider this product. It is great for professionals and beginners, whether it is on sale or not.

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Budget Pick: SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine



SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Machine

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Affordable yet efficient

You won’t have trouble stitching all types of fabrics with this model. With portable features that are both special and standard, this Singer unit stitches at a fast rate. It’s also perfect for beginners.

Why it is our budget pick?

The Singer serger machine is one of the most effective on the market considering its low price, compared to our other best serger machine options on the list. This product does not come in at the lowest price out of all the 10 picks on our list, but it is our budget pick because the features are a lot better than the lowest price.

This SINGER serger machine has a 4, 3 and 2 thread capabilities which are great for a versatile person. The stitches provide versatility with all types of fabrics and designs and with professional results each time. There is a fantastic feature included in this product that allows you to sew both cuffs and sleeves. The serger machine also has the capability of stitching 1300 threads per minute with its automatic sewing feature for fabrics. This product has the ability to have you getting through products very fast.

Detailed Review

best serger machine: The best budget pick for you!

The SINGER serger machine was one of the best products on this list for us. The vast amount of important features, as well as special features, makes this product fantastic for us. It was also very functional for the low price, which was noticed by the Stuffoholic team.

The product was very storable because of its incredibly portable features. It is very small compared to the other serger machines on this list, which makes it easier to carry. However, if the machine is too heavy it may be too hard to carry. Fortunately, this is not true for this product as the weight is suitable for everyone to carry with ease.

The 4 thread overlock worked perhaps the best with this certain serger machine. The strength was more than any of the other products we have chosen for you to decide which serger machine to pick. The pace of the 4 thread overlock was also exceptional; the fabric was finished in just a mere amount of minutes. This may have been the standout technique for us, but the 3 overlock thread and 2 thread technique were also useful to a certain level. Nonetheless, none of these techniques let us down at all and this is why we enjoyed testing it so much.

The 1300 stitches per second feature is one you don’t see elsewhere often. This was automatic and very simple to use. There was little risk and absolutely no harm applied to our workers, even though it seems like a dangerous task. This feature allowed our product to be finished with accuracy a lot faster than what would be accurate with a manual machine.

For sleeves and cuffs, this product was at an all-time high and this feature really made the sewing machine standout from the others on this list.


  • sleeves and cuffs
  • price
  • 4 3 and 2 thread
  • large stitching rate


  • quite heavy


Of course, the price is very cheap and this is why it is great for beginners. The cheap price gets you plenty of features whether it is special or standard.

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Advanced Pick: Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger



Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Machine

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Built-in Stitches Galore

This model comes with numerous advanced features that can let you personalize all of your professional creations. Elegantly structured and with lots of accessories, this product is one of the best in the market, if price isn’t a concern.

Why it is our advanced pick?

Our research report which you can see that this Brother serger machine has the most amount of built-in stitches, 23 to be exact, hence why this product is our advanced pick. The Brother Designio has plenty of additional advanced features that will likely leave you stunned. It is more expensive than the majority of sergers but it has some of the best special features on the list.

The following features are included in this fantastic product: blind hem stitch foot, piping foot, gathering foot, 2 sets of starter thread which allows you to customize every fabric to your personality and professional designs and finishes on your fabrics. Along with this amount of advanced features, there is an adjustable stitch width, which can be changed in between 3mm and 7mm. The product helps you find your wished width to make it as comfortable as possible.

Detailed Review

best serger machine: Choose this if you're a pro

The first thing Design My Costume noticed on the serger machine was the appearance. The white and black design really stood out from the rest of the sewing machines, we believed. The reviews also suggested this lots.

The stitching can be done rapidly without a risk with this product; none of our team here at Design My Costume was hurt during experiencing this amazing product. The automatic feature allows us to create the perfect finish to the ends of our fabrics faster than we have seen before and it was truly brilliant. Less time wasted and more quality was put into the making of the fabrics.

The stitch width was easily adjustable between the lengths of 3mm and 7mm which helped us to make the perfect possible thread. With this option, you can make the product more personalized and decorative.

One of the most unique and useful features we discovered out of the ten products was the colour coded threading. This made it so easy for us to switch threads and the choosing one was always reliable. This allowed us to not waste any time struggling to thread the threading through the right place which is very stressful on most serger machines, as well as sewing machines.

This product was able to create the most personal designs to the fabric with the best advanced features of any product. The blind hem stitch was one of the best features of this product for Design My Costume and nothing went wrong with this product.

The weight of 18 pounds made it really easy to carry as it is not very heavy at all. It can easily be carried without much effort, which also made it good for us to store it. The dimensions of the product also support this point as the serger machine is 15.2 x 13 x 13.2 inches.


  • lots of accessories
  • easy to carry
  • rapid stitching


  • price


While the price of the product is definitely not cheap and it is one of the highest on the entire top 10 list, it is understandable when you test it for yourself. The advanced features really make this serger machine stand out from all sewing and serger machines on the market.

Check Price on Amazon!

Best Portable Pick: JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine



JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

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Your personal carry-around serger

Lightweight and can perform 1500 stitches per minute, more than the usual stitch rate! This reliable machine can let you create your best designs anywhere and anytime. It also comes with a powerful (but safe!) knife.

Why it is our portable pick?

You can see our research report which shows that this portable pick is the most lightweight product out of the ten serger machines. The machine has a feathery 7 pounds weight, over half the weight of the advanced pick above. There are also a large variety of sewing options including in the package for this product. The thread options are 2,3 and 4, making for a personalized choice for each and every person.

With configurations and automatic rolled hem, it is hard to deny the importance and usefulness of the features of this product. The colour coded stitch length can also be used to a great extent, making sure you don’t choose the incorrect thread and ruin your entire piece of work. The powerful knife incorporated with this product makes the cut of the fabric clean each time. Along with this is a very speedy 1500 stitches per minute, faster than any on our list so far.

Detailed Review

best serger machine: Always on the go? Try this option

Firstly, one of the features that had the utmost importance for our Design My Costume testers was the powerful knife. This term sounds dangerous of course, but it is far from it. The powerful knife made the cutting a lot faster and easier. As well as this, there was a result of a cleaner side on the fabric which made a nicer design. There is no risk of the knife hitting you or seriously causing damage either because there are certain safety precautions that can be put in place.

Also, the rate of stitching is incredibly high, more than most stitch rates on the top 10 serger machine list. The reviews also seemed to love the machine just like us. The rate of 1500 stitches per minute makes the fabric a lot easier to finish and a lot quicker with that. For us, a piece of fabric took about 3 minutes to finish at this rate, but it can vary from fabric to fabric and person to person.

The portability is the main talking point of this product. The weight is astonishingly low at 7 pounds. Yes, you heard that correctly, 7 pounds. When holding this product, there was absolutely no problem with the serger machine as it was so light. Along with the lightweight design, the dimensions make the product easy to grab onto and hold. The dimensions of 10.6 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches made the product easy to hold for us, especially when we planned to store it in a cupboard, for example.

The machine was very reliable for us and never failed us. The standard of the thread and stitches were exceptional and one of a kind. These were so easy to make for us due to the very clear instructions which did not lie at any point to make their product seem better than reality.


  • lightweight
  • powerful knife
  • 1500 stitches per minute


  • not that many accessories


While the price is in a very high price range for a brand new serger machine, except for times when it is in the sale, the product has some of the best features out of all the machines on this list. The stitch rate, for example, is higher than any product we have covered so far in our review list. I wouldn’t recommend this product for beginners but professionals could do well with this serger.

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Best for Professionals: SINGER 14T968DC Professional Serger Overlock Machine

Favorite of the Pros


SINGER | Professional 5 14T968DC Serger

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Professional creativity at its best

Abundant in accessories, this powerful serger is nothing but useful. It also boasts a 1300 stitch-per-minute sewing speed, plus 5 impressive thread techniques. Best for the pros and well worth the price!

Why it is best for professionals?

Our research report shows that this product offers all the important types of threading. 5 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, 2 threading as well are all prevalent features in this serger machine. The different stitching options show professionalism in your fabrics. Self-adjusting tension is one of the many features this product holds. As well as this great feature there is an adjustable cutting width which can be very useful to a professional sewer. Professionals can use this product to make their complex ideas and projects a lot simpler and easier.

It also shows your creativity because the decorative stitching options allow sewers to make the most of their imagination. For anyone looking to become serious in the sewing industry or improve the quality of their hobby then this all-round product is a must.

Detailed Review

best serger machine: Remember, it's suitable only for professional use

The high priced SINGER model is easily the best product on the list in terms of capabilities, hence why it is easily the highest priced model. This serger machine has everything you could possibly ask for in an amazing serger machine, like this was for us.

SINGER’s professional serger was brilliant in terms of its thread capabilities. Personally, at Design My Costume, we tested out the 5 and 4 thread overlock out a lot more than the others. It is easy to say that the 5 thread overlock is the strongest of the 5 and the most durable. However, the 4 thread overlock was integrated within this machine was definitely the best 4 thread overlock out of all the serger machines on this list. The 2 and 3 thread techniques were also exceptionally good, without any problems at all. This was expected from us though.

With the abundance of accessories that come with this product you would expect at least one to not be sensational, however, we were wrong. Each and every accessory whether it was cone adapters, foot power or the stitch guide very good and none of the accessories had anything wrong with them, even after a lot of excessive use.

The sewing speed was also very consistent for us. The 1300 stitches per minute rate was quite accurate, but it felt faster than some of the other serger machines with the popular rate of 1300 stitches per minute. The same fabric we used on other products took less time on this serger machine by quite a lot as well.

Getting a latch onto the main concept and how to use the serger machine is quite easy, well, it was for us. There are also instructions that come with the packaging which explain how to use every piece of the machine carefully and correctly.


  • lots of accessories
  • professional
  • 5 thread techniques


  • price


This product is certainly for those who are really serious about sewing and serger machines and not for beginners. If you don’t have previous experience with the product then it is likely not for you, especially with a price tag under 500 dollars, but you can find cheap Singer models in a sale.

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A List of 5 Other Products We Reviewed

No 6: Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Review



Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Machine

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Advanced threading features

This model offers different stitch lengths for your convenience. With 4 thread overlock features and advanced customizations, this Brother unit offers reliable performance. Plus, a differential feed and chain stitching!

This product was also a great use of our time here at Design My Costume, although, we believe all the serger machines we mentioned before were a little bit better. Overall, the serger was very reliable.

Firstly, the Brother modelled serger machine includes a differentiated stitch length. The lengths that the stitch will cover are 3mm and 6mm, with a stitch length that differentiates between 2mm and 4mm, depending on how large you would like it to be.

There is a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute. This seemed quite low compared to some of our Design My Costume workers because they tested their previous 5 options first. However, the stitching rate is actually not a problem because it finishes products cuffs and sleeves off very quickly with its many threading techniques. It took our company around 1 minute more than the advanced pick to sew a sleeve of a jumper, for example.

This product uses an extended number of thread cover stitches that work beautifully. One threading method that is used within this product is the 4 thread overlock. This was found to be the best threading technique by our employees. After thorough testing, we found out that this product made clothes’ sleeves more durable when the 4 thread overlock was used. The three thread overlock, on the other hand, made the product a little bit less durable and professional but the serger machine made the fabrics more flexible. Included in this package is the 2 thread technique which was also very good, although we didn’t use it that often. When the threads were being used, there were 2 needles that were standard sewing machine needles. This would make it easy to purchase and use more needles when the serger machine’s needle inevitably breaks.

There are also some advanced features that we really liked and they worked to perfection. Two examples of this product’s special features were differential feed and chain stitching. These two made our fabrics a lot more professional, but you must know how to use the features.

Get it on Amazon!


  • advanced features
  • 4 thread overlock
  • different stitch covers


  • price
  • sewing rate


The price tag is a bit too much in my opinion for this product specifically. However, if you are willing to pay 50 dollars over the price I believe is correct you will still have a good and capable serger machine, you can even get good prices in the sale, which is great for beginners.

No 7: JUKI MO644D Portable Serger Review



JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

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Powerful and portable tool

Sewing is made easier with its color coded breakaway loopers. Works perfectly on both heavy and light materials, this unit comes with a powerful knife and a 4-thread overlock. Pricey but precise.

This JUKI serger machine model was one of the most underrated on this best serger machine list. According to reviews circling around on the internet, this product was very bad, however, I strongly believe it is the 7th best serger machine on the market.

The 4 thread overlock is a standard for all products on this list, but we understand that this serger machine has the best 4 thread overlock of all the products on this list. The perfection of the 4 thread overlock on this JUKI serger machine was second to none. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the 3 thread overlock. In my opinion, the 3 thread overlock created poor unprofessional fabric results which really brought the quality down. The 2 threading technique was actually reasonable though.

The powerful knife system included within this serger machine package was one of the most powerful knives included in serger machines on the market. The powerful aspect of the blade allowed the fabrics to be left without any rough edges and it cut through the fabrics straight away.

The Amazon description recommends that only light to medium fabrics should be used to sew with this serger machine, for reasons we do not know. We did test light, medium and heavy fabrics and we saw no difference at all, so it is up to you whether you want to try a heavy fabric. However, this should be done at your own risk.
The threading breakaway looper is colour coded to make for a much easier task when sewing as you could easily differentiate the different breakaway looper types.

The weight made the serger machine easy to carry and manoeuvre. Compared to some other products our employees said they had a much easier task of moving the JUKI model.

Grab it on Amazon!


  • powerful knife
  • 4 thread overlock
  • breakaway looper colours


  • price
  • 3 thread overlock


A price of this industrial machine is very respectable for this product, but the price. This serger machine definitely relates to a certain group of people because of the specifically upgraded features.

No 8: Janome 8002D Serger Review



Janome 8002D Serger Machine

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Steady and sophisticated stitching

Some sergers are difficult to use because they move quite often. With the Janome unit, you’ll enjoy a steady and sturdy stitching process, packed with lots of advanced features.

One accessory we particularly enjoyed with this product and no other serger machine was the extra needles that came with the machine. There were 2 packs of needles that came with the sewing machine. They weren’t any old needles though; they were Janome’s models of needles, which were a noticeably better quality than the traditional sewing machine counterparts. They lasted for double the length and needled the fabrics to perfection.

Janome’s design allowed for a very sturdy product, although, it was quite heavy. The heavy but rectangular like design allowed for a very steady serger machine that didn’t move during the stitching process and distract the needle.

Threading is incredibly simple with this product with its colour coded threading chart. The colour coded chart is fantastic because it is so easy to understand as the font is chosen to suit every single person who uses the industrial machine. It is hard to put into words how easy the serger became to use with the colour coded threading chart. It really made threading for us simple while quick.

There are plenty of special features included in this product. Our employees at Design My Costume did not have a problem with any of the features as they all worked how they expected, which was exceptional, nothing more, nothing less. The unique features used in this product are a built-in rolled hem, high-pressure foot lifter, an electronic foot, whisper quiet operation and colour coded threading. The built-in rolled hem is very easy to function. The rolled hem can be used to change the plate. This can be done by switching the needle to ‘R’ which changes the needle setting to rolled hem. The other advanced features such as the electric foot are also fantastic and very innovative. These advanced features were the reason our employees picked this serger machine over our number 9 pick.

Buy it from Amazon!


  • lots of advanced features
  • sturdy


  • heavy


This Janome model is perhaps one of the most underrated sergers on the market. In the respectable price, this model is jam-packed with innovative features and sturdiness. In the sale, this serger machine can reach the lower price ranges.


No 9: Brother 3234DT Serger Review



Brother 3234DT 2, 3, or 4 Thread Serger

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Uniquely-shaped stitching model

Although this unit is structured uniquely in a modern way, it still offers the same trusted stitching methods that we’ve come to know. Plus, it can stitch on specific fabric with ease and accuracy.

We really liked the appearance of this serger machine as it is very modernised and unique. However, the product was still very sturdy, although, hard to carry because of the awkward shape and dimensions.

The stitching methods were the standardized methods we have come to know, 2 thread, 3 thread overlock and the powerful and reliable 4 thread overlock. All of the threading options with this sewing machine were great to work with, especially the 4 thread overlock. All of these threading options worked perfectly, but the 4 thread overlock was the sturdiest as usual. On the other hand, the 3 thread overlock wasn’t as sturdy or durable but it still made a great finish to the fabric. Compared to the other industrial machines on the list the 2 thread method worked a little bit better within this Brother product.

This serger machine was capable of working on the most specific fabrics. In my opinion, the Brother model was best with ruffles and decorating fabrics. Decorating is made easy with this product particularly. This is because you can simply join edges of different fabrics on this Brother machine, which is unique to every machine we have covered so far in our list. Along with joining edges, we were even able to join together laces as well as gathers to suit our needs with every fabric we used, and so can you. This type of threading is new and you may think it is hard to use but this product comes with something even better.

There is an instruction video that is packed with the useful information you need to make your sewing with this product work to excellent standard. Standard sewing machine needles are also used with this product, so if the unlikely event occurs where the needle breaks you can easily get yourself a new set, though you can fix the issue yourself if you know how to do it.

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  • modern appearance
  • standard stitching methods
  • specific fabrics


  • the weird shape makes it hard to manoeuvre
  • price


This serger machine is in the upper price range and it doesn’t come cheap unless it is in a sale. However, the product holds the best feature on the list with its ability to join the edges of different fabrics. Only professionals should realistically consider this product.

No 10: SINGER 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine Review



SINGER 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine

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Consistent performance and results

An impressive stitching rate and built-in needle threader make this machine hard to beat. It’s perfect if you want fabrics that are cut and sewn cleanly every time. Plus it’s from a reputable brand!

SINGER machines never disappoint in the serger machine markets. Many of their models have already been mentioned on our list due to their one of a kind features and designs. We noticed the very appealing appearance of this product primarily before anything else.

The 1300 stitches per minute is a rate that cannot be ignored if you’re familiar with the specifications of the number of SPM (Stiches Per Minute). It made our fabrics’ ends become stitched a lot faster than you could possibly imagine. This is the professional rate and provides quicker stitching with higher quality results. The 4 thread overlock integrated with this rate also ends in never before seen results. The 4 thread overlock is very durable and strong, even with the 1300 stitches per minute rate, which seems like it would create inconsistent results.

The fabric is cut and sewn perfectly, consistently and evenly each time because of the width gauge included with this SINGER sewing machine. The widths we measured for each product changed minuscule amounts for the other products on the list, for this sewing machine there was absolutely no difference.

The needle threader which is a part of this SINGER package ensures that you do not have to go through the painful task of threading your needles, which is the most dreaded task for sewers. The feature doesn’t make you do it on your own, its useful design has it all set out for you.

The differential feed included in this product allowed our products to have even and consistent results in terms of their threading. It doesn’t matter what fabric type it is either, the differential feed makes the edges look superb every time.

After testing each and every advanced feature of this product, we couldn’t pick out a bad special feature. There were lots and lots of problems that could have gone wrong with the abundance of special features but there were none.

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  • respectable and reliable company
  • design is clean
  • stitching rate
  • needle threader


  • dimensions
  • weight


The price of is just above reasonable and it is suitable for this product and beginners. The abundance of features makes this serger machine different from any other, as well as the unique design.

List of other products we tested

Advantages of Using Serger machines

As we said before, the difference between a sewing and a serger machine is obvious. A serger machine has many advantages, it is one of the only machines that can perform a coverstitch, for example. These coverstitches are used on most seams and cuffs and allow for stretchy clothing and movement. Coverstitches make products adjust to the certain person. Sewing machines can do this but they require a double needle and it is never as good as the quality of a serger machine.

Most sewing machines cannot provide the strength of a normal industrial machine. Buttonholes and zips can even be performed on a specific amount of serger machines. Most serger machines perform on the clothes you are wearing at this instant. Those ridges in that shirt were performed by a serger machine as were the ridges in the seams. Using industrial machines require lots of practising and knowledge.

So, Do I Have to Have a Serger?

This question really depends on you and your personality. The question depends on what sewing you prefer and the majority of people don’t particularly sew with machines, they prefer sewing by hand. For example, I do not like to sew by hand.

If sewing and crafting is only something you do for fun then it is unlikely you will want to splash out on a 200 dollar serger machine. If you make clothes and sew for your kids very often then it is likely you will be better off owning a serger machine. If you work finishing the ends of seams then it is best to purchase a serger machine. A serger machine will make your experience a lot quicker and easier.

If you are planning to sell your clothes then it is possible you will want to purchase a serger machine to make your products more durable and professional.

Although the internet showcases attachments known as overlock feet, personally, I have never seen one or used one myself. I cannot judge with passion if it is comparable to a serger machine when the attachment is put into a sewing machine.

Care and Maintenance

There are some embroidery machine maintenance tips that are also applicable to your overlock sewing machine. Dust buildup in industrial machines is common and a problem you do not want to have to deal with. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid it. After a few serger machine sessions, grab yourself a spraying can full of air, a brush and some tweezers. Spray the air onto the affected areas with a lot of dust and clear it up with your hands or a dustpan and brush. The remaining parts can be cleaned up using a brush, by brushing the brush against the machines remaining dirty parts. The long parts of dirt can be picked up using tweezers as they can reach the tightest of places. This is all you should need, but remember to unplug your machine before performing this, you never know what could go wrong!

Wrapping it Up

Finding the correct serger machine for your personality is a hard task that we all have to face in this industry. They can satisfy the best sergers, professional sewers and even those who regularly sew as a hobby. They are best for those who are professional due to the price usually being in the hundreds for most of the products. For beginners you will likely want to create curtains or cuffs then you should probably go for a cheap bag but reliable option to increase your skills in industrial machines. Industrial machine manufacturers make different features suitable for different products, so look out for that to see if it suits you as a sewing embroidery business owner or a sewer.