Top 10 Fabric Cutting Machines (Sep. 2018): Reviews & Buyers Guide

They say the craftsman is only as good as his or her tools. This is true whether you are building a home, repairing a car, or putting together an extraordinary outfit. This is why you want to make sure you have the best equipment to assist you in whatever endeavor you are involved in. For those who are into embroidering or sewing, whether as a vocation or as a hobby, you know that having the right sewing machine, thread, and other accessories can make your life a lot easier. It’s not just that it helps you to have a greater level of comfort, but also makes you a whole lot better at your craft. This is why so many who are involved in sewing, no matter what kind of project they are making, want to ensure that they have dependable equipment that will make their task as simplified as possible.

One area where you want to ensure you have outstanding equipment is in finding the best cutting machines available to use with the fabric. Finding the best cutting machine for fabric can make your life a whole lot easier and help to make the garments, pillows, or other kinds of projects you are making look a whole lot more amazing.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Before going any further in this review, it is important that you understand why you can trust us. You have likely read hundreds of reviews online where people claim to be “experts” about what is the top rated product that would be best for you, but you have no way to identify whether these people actually know what they are talking about.

Often times, these reviews are made by people who are paid by the manufacturers of the products they review to write a good review about them, meaning that you really can’t trust what is being written. There is also the concern about what makes somebody an expert. How are they going to write reviews about a certain product or service when they may really know nothing about it at all.

It’s with this in mind that we want you to understand that you can have a high degree of trust in our review. We have reviewed the very best cutting machines for fabric on the market, looking at 20 different products and reviewing those products by doing extensive research on the web, testing the tools ourselves, and reviewing customer feedback related to these products. We have invested over 55 hours of time reviewing the different fabric cutters out there, and have come up with a list of what we believe to be the very best 10 fabric cutters on the market today.

We are not writing this review because we have been paid to do so or because we are endorsing a specific product. Our purpose was to cut through all the different reviews out there and to give you a list you can trust as to what are the best devices you can find based upon the product criteria created.

Why Use Fabric Cutters?

If you have been creating sewing projects for some time, you might have felt the need of a fabric cutter quite often. Even if you are new to the selling world, you still may find this to be an unnecessary accessory to purchase.

The truth is that there are many great advantages in using fabric cutters, regardless of whether it is manual or electronic. The truth is no matter how good you may be with scissors, the likelihood of you getting a precise cut is not as good as it would be with this device. For most to get the same kind of cut they actually have to have two or three different kinds of scissors to be able to accomplish one task. That is really a waste of your money.

In addition, using a fabric cutter is much quicker and easier than doing it manually. You reduce the chance of achy fingers, especially for those who suffer from such things as arthritis, while getting the most precise cut you can have.

The fabric cutter is ideal for wide range of projects, no matter whether you are talking about quilting or sewing, close making, or even scrapbooking. This is something that you would really find ideal for you.

Types of Fabric Cutter

There are two different kinds of fabric cutters: manual and digital. It is really about what you feel is important to you that helps you determine which is the best.

There are two different guiding principles as to which one of these machines is best for you. Some prefer the manual die cutters to cut fabric while others prefer the more high-tech, electronic digital option. It is based upon your personal choice, and here are some pros and cons to consider.


A standard crank operated die cutter has traditionally been the choice for cutting such things as fabric and felt.


  • These devices are significantly cheaper than digital options
  • They are generally much easier to use because you don’t have to change blades or cutting mats
  • Some of the best manual options are able to cut through multiple layers at one time.
  • They provide you with a huge range of dies for you to cut specific patterns
  • Can easily be used by beginners
  • Are great when used within materials


  • They are not as precise as you would get with the electronic fabric cutter
  • You typically get a much more narrow cutting width


What many like about the digital fabric cutters is the fact that you can do a whole lot more with them than simply cut fabric. These give the greater precision and flexibility that some are looking for, and this is why they find them to be the better option.

  • You get a much more precise and accurate cut on many different kinds of materials, including felt and fabric
  • They give you the ability to cut any design you want with virtually no restrictions as long as you have the die you need
  • You can cut several different kinds of materials
  • Offers a much larger cut size then you would find with most manual options
  • The use of software enables you to be able to get the kind of precision cut you are looking for, making them much more efficient because there is far less fabric that is wasted were lost
  • You don’t need to really do any work at all. You simply put in the settings and let it go


  • These cutters are far more expensive than the manual options
  • To get really good at using this machine, you might be required to do a little trial and error before becoming efficient with it

When it gets right down to it, it’s really a matter of preference for you. There are some who have become so skilled at using the manual cutters that there is no reason for them to turn to an electronic one. There are also those who know how to make die cuts without a die cutting machine at all. However, for those who are looking to be a little more efficient with their time, looking for a digital option may be the right decision.

What to Look for in a Good Die Cutting Machine for Fabric

While it may make sense for you to look for the best cutting machine for fabric, that does not necessarily mean you know exactly what you should be looking for. Not every device you find is going to be the same, and some may work better for you than others. Here are some things you should consider when making your purchase.


We already took a close look at the different types of fabric cutting machines. This is simply a matter of whether you would prefer the greater accuracy of the electronic option understanding that it will be quite expensive, or if you would prefer to go with a manual option. For those who are beginners out there, it may make sense to cut your teeth on the manual option before opting to go more high-tech.


Size is an option to consider as well, even in an industrial complex, because you may not have a great deal of room in your sewing area that will accommodate a bulkier digital machine. Size can also work in the other direction as well. If you only have a limited amount of workspace where you can do the cutting, then a manual option may not work for you would all. Because of your limited area available in your home where you can lay the fabric down, this may become entirely too cumbersome to work for you.


If you are a person who is part of a sewing club or who does your work in many different areas, portability becomes a huge issue. You don’t want to limit your ability to work with your tools, so having a portable cutter may be absolutely necessary for you to be able to do the work you want to perform. For those who think this is not an issue, then portability becomes unimportant.


Whether you are opting for the manual or digital die cutters, you are likely to begin with a starter kit that comes along with the device. This can include such things as dies, cartridges, additional blades, rulers, and scissors. For the digital options, you may even get such things as templates, stencils, and patterns. All of these can be extremely helpful and save you a significant amount of money. The cartridges alone can cost you in the hundreds of dollars for four or five of these cartridges. If they come in the starter kit you’re saving yourself a huge amount of money.


Cost is always a concern whenever you are buying any kind of product, and this is true for the cutter as well. While you may find that the electronic options are the best, the reality is you may not be able to afford this. Make sure you stay within your budget so that you don’t make this purchase something that becomes an albatross on your finances.


If you are a person who does a lot of different kinds of work, including such things as quilting, sewing, clothing, and scrapbooking, you may need the best cutting machine for fabric that provides you with a great deal of versatility in terms of the kind of work you can do. You may also be looking for one that helps you with such things as embossing or that can even handle industrial kinds of jobs. How you will use the cutter is extremely important.
Cutting Ability – while all of these cutters will give you a precise cut, no matter what kind of material you’re using, the truth is that some can give you a wider cut and others can give you a more fine or detailed cut. You want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of device to handle the work that you need to have accomplished.

Ease of Use:

One of the biggest challenges for those who were using the digital cutting machines is the fact that they can be rather complicated to use it first. If you are not particularly computer savvy, you may find that it is a lot of work to figure out exactly how to get the best performance out of the patterns you want to be done. The learning curve becomes a big issue for some, so ease-of-use may be directly related to this.
Special Features – this primarily relates to digital options. There are cutting machines that provide you with additional special features that make it a good bargain, especially if you like to make fancier kinds of clothes or other products. For example, those who are looking to do some kind of embossing on a garment will need a special kind of cutter.

Who Are Fabric Cutting Machines For?

The fabric cutting machine is a fantastic accessory for anyone who is seriously into quilting, sewing, or any other kind of work using a sewing machine or needle and thread. This includes such people as…


Getting started in anything can be a real task and can be quite frustrating. Having the right kind of tools can reduce debt frustration and increase your success and ability to be good at the task at a much quicker rate. This is what makes getting one of these devices ideal.


Even if you aren’t a person who spends hours using your sewing machine, you still want to have the best equipment to make the time that you have more efficient and successful. This is where one of these top-rated cutters can really make your time a lot more enjoyable.


Whether you are a person who does this kind of work as your job or someone who is just really good, getting a fabric die cutting machine like this, especially one of the electronic, digital options can really help to make your job a lot easier. Because of the design patterns and precision that the computerized software offers, you will be amazed at the kinds of cuts and additional embroidering or embossing that can be performed.

Just for Fun:

Maybe you just like to make clothes or quilts for your kids or grandkids, and so your passion for sewing or quilting is more of just a hobby than anything else. Well, having a cutter can really help to make your more efficient and make your projects come out a lot more professional looking. It will give you something to really beam about.


If you take your quilting seriously, then you know how important it is to have perfect edges to each of the squares or other shapes you use. This is where a cutter can really come in handy. Not only will it make the perfect cut, but it will significantly reduce the amount of waste you have.

How We Picked and Tested?

To make sure that we perform as comprehensive as any of the reviews that you will read, we have put each of these products through a detailed assessment according to several different criteria. A number of volunteers also helped us over a four-year period of time, reporting their findings and updating us as they went along, as we reviewed 20 different kinds of fabric cutting machine devices.

While we admit that no one product is perfect, we have put together a top 10 list of what we believe to be the very best on the market. This evaluation included an examination of reviews over a two-month period of time of how consumers viewed each of these products, and how they found the options in comparison to the operation guides. We not only tested the products by measuring their performance, but we analyzed such things as the appearance, the size and weight, who the manufacturer is, the usability, the adjustability, as well as other important features.

After completing our evaluations, we created this top 10 list. You should be aware that we have carefully researched every single one of these products over the four-year period of time, and have consulted with a number of users so that we can be sure that our recommendations are the ones you can count on. We hope that finding the best cutting machine for fabric will be a breeze for you after going through this review.

Our Top Ten List

In making our evaluation as to the best fabric cutting machine, we analyzed 54 of the most important features related to the manual and electronic cutters. We wanted to ensure that we found you the best cutting machine for fabric as well as looking for ones that enabled you to reap the benefits of using the cutter on different kinds of materials.

We are making this research report open to all of our readers to help them choose what is the best product. All we ask is that you like any of our social media pages so that you can view the report in its entirety. That’s a very small price to pay for such valued information.

Best Overall: Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Best of best


Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

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Sophisticated Wireless Cutting Machine

Precise cut with any design, this wireless cutting machine is the best option yet. Pricey but perfect to all your designs, plus it has a Bluetooth option for wireless transfer.

Why we chose this product as our No. 1 pick.?

  1. When we began our evaluation and testing process as to what is the best cutting machine for fabric, we started with 20 different manual and digital fabric cutters. We looked at the 54 most important features related to these products and found that this particular digital fabric cutter had the best overall rating according to the number of features that rated as positive as well as the quality of work it performed. We found that it had a number of positive features as well as a unique combination of positive features based on the quality of how well the fabric cutter worked.
  2. In addition to being able to cut fabric well, the Cricut Explorer Air also worked perfectly with a wide variety of materials, 60 in all, which included such things as card stock, paper, iron-ons, poster boards, card stock, and much more. The custom settings allow you to use to perform tasks on different materials using the user-friendly and very smart control dials. There is a dual cartridge that enables you to cut and write or cut and score in one step, and you are able to connect to your phone, tablet, or other device using Bluetooth technology. This enables you to be able to upload images for free to use with your device.
  3. While this product had a number of positive features, the one area that proved to be a negative was the price. This was one of the more expensive models in our top 10 list,
  4. One thing we really loved about this cutter is that it came with the patent-pending Cut Smart technology which works with an all the different Cricut technologies. This will enable you to cut your material and a wide variety of shapes with incredible precision, that not only gives you great designs but allows you to create them in sizes that range from ¼ of an inch all the way up to 11-1/2 inches. It clearly proved itself to be the best.

Detailed Review

Best cutting machine for fabric: According to our findings, this is the best you'll ever get!


Cricut Explore Air is a digital cutting machine.


It has a holding capacity from one 1/4 to 11-½ inches. It can be used on 60 different kinds of materials, including vellum and leather. You are also able to upload different images for free that enable you to be able to cut according to the specifications of those designs.

Ease of use:

The Cut Smart technology makes this incredibly easy to use while also allowing you to get precision cuts that makes this the best cutting machine for fabric and other materials, even if you are falling into the beginner’s category. The smart set dial makes it easy for you to choose the exact setting you need.

Special features:

It allows you to connect to your device using Bluetooth technology, or you can connect using a USB cable. The smart set dial, Cut Smart technology, and Cut Smart precision cutting really make this one stand out.

Additional accessories:

Cricut Explore Air comes with PC compatible software and USB cable and power cords. A dual cartridge is also included.


  • Large number of positive reviews from consumers
  • Easily integrated with your tablet or PC
  • The additional technology included with this cutter puts it above the others


  • One of the most expensive options in our top 10 list
  • While there were a large number of positive reviews, it took some time after purchase before people were willing to share their thoughts


Despite the price, which comes in at about $230, this is a fantastic choice and it is easy to see why it became our top choice. It was highly reviewed, with the vast majority of consumers being satisfied with how well the machine operated, and the fact that it easily integrates with your PC or tablet makes it the best cutting machine for anyone serious about sewing or quilting.


Affordable and Portable Cutter: AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

Best Portable Pick


AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

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Handy and Budget-Friendly

Lightweight and amazing design. This cutting machine is a manual cutter but features a precise cut result and twice fast as traditional cutting. Perfect for beginners!

Why we chose this product as our affordable and portable cutter?

For those who are simply looking for a great fabric cutting machine that comes at an affordable price, this is the choice to make. Weighing just 8 pounds, this is the second lowest priced cutter that we tested. But because of the large number of features included, we figured that this was too good of a bargain to pass up on. You are able to cut multiple layers at a rate that is 90% faster than traditional cutting devices, while also getting a consistent, accurate, and stable cut every time.

This cutting machine allows you to be able to cut precise shapes without concerns of slipping or having to worry about fabric waste. You are able to cut different kinds of fabric and no electricity or batteries are required. The handle makes this an easy carrying cutter to take with you wherever you go, whether that is to a class, a meeting of some kind, or when you want to join your friends for retreats or quilting. It is easy to handle without worrying that it will be too heavy on your back.

Detailed Review

Best cutting machine for fabric: If you're short on cash, get this one instead


This top-rated device is a manual cutter that is perfect for beginners. It is 8.25 inches in height and weighs 8 pounds. You are able to cut multiple layers and comes with a six-inch cutting mat. Its width is 14 inches.


Operates 90% faster than a traditional cutting device and is able to provide precise cuts as well as work with a multitude of different kinds of fabrics and materials. The hand crank allows you to feed the material through the cutter in a uniform way that makes precision cutting ideal.

Ease of use:

If you have no issues with turning a crank, and this is one of the easiest devices you will find. It’s simplistic, as well as designed in such a way so that it is easy to create the cuts you are looking for.

Special features

This is a very simplistic bargain option, so there are not really any special features included.

Additional accessories:

There are also not any additional accessories that come with it. You are getting exactly what you’re looking for through this purchase.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Reasonably priced to fit any budget
  • Provide you with the kind of precision cutting you desire


  • No real features or added accessories


This is the best fabric cutting machine for you if you’re looking for a quality machine that can cut fabric and other materials, while allowing you to do it with ease. Priced at about $150, this is a fantastic option for a person who wants precise cuts made easy.


Advanced Cutter: Cricut Maker

Top Choice


Cricut Maker

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Reasonable Price for Advance Cutting Experience

One of the best choices among users because of its large number of features yet comes with a reasonable prince, a digital cutter that guarantees precise cuts.

Why we chose this product as our Advanced Cutter?

In reviewing our report, you will find that this is one of the top digital cutting machines available on the market, primarily because of the features included and how well it performs. While this is a little more expensive in comparison to some of the other products we tested, the fact that it has these advanced features which include such things expandable and expandable suite of tools for cutting a large variety of different materials from fabric to paper make it a great choice.

It’s gliding, rolling action provides a smooth cut as the material moves through the blade, making any fabric cut quickly and accurately each time. The knife blade has the ability to provide an extra deep cut, allowing you to cut up to 2.4 mm. There also 50 free ready to make projects included, 25 different sewing patterns, and also provides you with design apps that are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The docking slot holds your tablet or smartphone while you are working, and you can charge your device at the same time using the USB port included.

Detailed Review

Best cutting machine for fabric: If you're a master of using fabric cutters, this will meet your needs


This digital machine comes with the new Rotary Blade technology that makes the gliding, rolling action perfect for getting smooth, accurate cuts. There is a 12” x 12” cutting mat included. The power supply provided by the plug-in is easily attachable to your smart device.


Truly spectacular price. While the second most expensive option at around $400, the fact that it comes with a large number of features, as well as patterns and projects provided for free, makes it an amazing choice. You can connect using Bluetooth or USB connection, and there is a software that comes with the cutting machine.

Ease of use:

This machine is extremely easy to use because it comes with a variety of patterns and projects that allow the machine to do all the work for you. With the ability to download additional kinds of patterns, you will find this to be the easiest machine to use of all, once you get used to using it a little bit.

Special features:

Special features include the ability to connect to your mobile device, the new knife blade, new Rotary Blade, and other design apps.

Additional accessories:

You can purchase the new knife blade as an additional accessory.


  • Easily connects to your mobile devices
  • Offers you a variety of free patterns and projects
  • You can download additional projects for free


  • Price makes it a little out of most people’s budgets
  • No warranty included


If you are looking for a sophisticated machine that can make your projects come out beautiful with the greatest of these, then this is the best cutting machine for you. It is true that this machine is on the expensive side, but if it fits within your budget you will be truly glad that you paid the extra money.


Best Cutter with Scanning Capability: Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

Amazing Features


Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

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Cutting and Scanning Wonder

This cutting machine doesn’t just offer you a precise cut result, but its scanning capability with 4.85 inch LCD display is a winner. Scan your favorite patterns with ease.

Why we chose this product as the best cutter with scanning capability?

This is the only product in our review that comes with a built-in scanning feature. This provides a high-quality 300 dpi scanner that can scan up to an 11.7-inch wide document.

It also comes with enhanced scanning features and RGB color recognition, as well as the super large LCD touchscreen display, the ability to read SVG datafiles, and over 600 different built-in designs.

This cutting machine comes with the ability to connect to cloud-based web applications which enable you to edit and design your own cutting patterns. You will also find that the new project gallery is you step-by-step instructions on how to download and use the patterns for different projects.

Detailed Review

Best cutting machine for fabric: An amazing pick rich with features


This digital machine comes with a scanner that allows you to include patterns you scan using the scanning platform. There is a 4.85-inch touchscreen display, 30% larger than in previous models. The scanner is built-in for 300 dpi and there is 1 MB of memory included. You also have a connection to the cloud platform. A 12” by 12” cutting mat is included.


The performance of this cutter is absolutely sensational. Not only are you able to use a wide variety of materials, but the depth in which you can cut, as well as the types of cuts that the cutter provides make it a sensational choice, even for beginners.

Ease of use:

It does take a stiff learning curve to appreciate all of the different capabilities this digital cutting machine provides, but once you have learned how to use it you will be amazed at how much flexibility it offers to you.

Special features:

The scanner is a special feature you can’t ignore, but the addition of cloud-based applications, software, and a large number of designs that are provided for free make this the best cutting machine for fabric for many.

Additional accessories:

Additional accessories come with a software package that is compatible with most devices, and LCD display, and a 12’ x 12” cutting mat.


  • Built-in scanner
  • LCD display
  • Provides you with a great number of features


  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Costs more than most other options


This is a spectacular digital machine, which allows you to do a large number of projects easily because of its design and its ease-of-use. Add to it the fact that it comes with the built-in scanner and there is really no reason why you should not go with this option if you can afford it.


The Best Cutter with Embossing Capability: Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine

Embossing Pick


Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine

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Top Choice for Cutting and Embossing

This is a manual device with versatile and amazing features. This doesn’t just cut perfect shapes, but it also gives your designs that emboss effect. Definitely worth the price!

Why we chose this product as the best cutter with embossing capability?

Cutting is not the only thing that people want to use this machine four. Some are looking for a cutting device that also offers them the ability to perform embossing and this is the perfect option.

This shape cutting cutter provides embossing using a roller style machine that provides you with the ability to emboss on a wide variety of materials from paper to fabric. It has a 6-inch wide plastic dies and embossing tools. It also contains a pair of cutting pads, and adjustable extended platform, and comes with a 3-year warranty. Add to it the fact that it is portable and it is easy to see why this is a real winner.

Detailed Review

Best cutting machine for fabric: This is surely the best cutter with embossing capability


This is a manual device which uses a crank to allow you to move the material through the machine. It measures 14.25” by 12.375” x 6.675” and is portable. It comes with a multipurpose platform that allows you to extend, and you can use it for a wide variety of materials.


Its performance is exceptional because it allows you to not only be able to cut materials, but also to emboss. You also can use the machine on a wide range of materials, giving a great versatility. You are able to do precision cuts as well as create a wide variety of shapes with minimal waste.

Ease of use:

Because of the design of the machine, this is an easy cutting device to use. There is no steep learning curve here, and learning how to use the embossing tool is easy as well. This is the kind of machine you will enjoy using from the start because of how easy it is to use.

Special features:

The primary special feature is its ability to emboss paper, fabric, and other kinds of materials. The multipurpose platform extends to give you an additional area to work with, and there are both die cutting and embossing tools included.

Additional accessories:

The die cutting and embossing tools are the primary additional accessories you get, as well as the two mats. It comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • A three-year warranty
  • Easy to use and control, as well as being portable
  • The embossing tools  make this one stand out


  • To get the most benefits out of it you may have to watch videos
  • Can be a challenge to get the cutter to stay in place


If you are looking to get a lot fancier with the products you are creating, then this is the best fabric cutting machine you should try. Its price is very reasonable, coming in at about $80, and it gives you the kind of functionality you need to be able to perform a lot of tasks with great skill.


Our other 5 product We reviews

No. 6: Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Review

Proficient Choice


Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine

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User-friendly Electronic Machine Cutter

Electronic machine cutter with embossing features. Its easy-to-use cutter with digital display will surely make your cutting experience efficient and fun. Pricey but worth it.


This cutter has a very sleek design that makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of environments, even industrial. It is an electronic cutting machine that can be used on a wide variety of materials, and can handle items up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. This is truly a remarkable choice if you want a machine that will do the vast majority of the work for you.


This is an electronic cutting machine that can be used on a large variety of materials, even including such things as vinyl, paper, or fabric. It has a sleek look to it, which makes it perfect for rolling in items up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. A 12” x 12” cutting mat is included, and it comes with a built-in touchscreen.


Performance is what really makes this cutter stand out. You not only are given a number of designs that come preinstalled with this cutter, but you can add additional ones and the easy to use digital display makes it a snap to be able to choose the exact cut you desire, with great precision and minimal waste. You will also like the fact that it is built for allowing you to step away while the machine does all the work, even for extended periods of time. It’s easy to see why this is considered the best cutting machine for fabric and other materials.

Ease of use:

Because of the design and technology included, this is one of the easier cutting machines you will ever find. When reading reviews, this is one thing you will hear a lot about. Because of the easy-to-read digital display and how easy it is to program and exactly what cut you are looking for, you won’t find this to be much of a challenge to learn how to use to its fullest.

Special features:

The digital display is the thing that stands out the most. You will like that it is easy to read, program, and incorporate new designs as well.

Additional accessories:

It comes with a USB port and cable, as well as compatible software for your smart device or computer. This enables you to be able to download other designs or patterns to include within your cutting machine.


  • A three-year warranty
  • Easy to use and control, as well as being portable
  • The embossing tools really make this one stand out


  • To get the most benefits out of it you may have to watch videos
  • Can be a challenge to get the cutter to stay in place


No doubt that if you are a person who has a lot of cutting to do but doesn’t have a lot of time to sit around ensuring that it is feeding through the machine properly, this is a great choice for you. Its price of about $240 which a bit more expensive than most, but if you need great efficiency, this is a great option for you.

No. 7: Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool Review

Best Design Pick


Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool

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Best Portable Design Cutter

Small and sleek but works wonder with your cutting needs! It allows you to cut and emboss pattern on a large variety of materials plus it has 50 pattern designs included.

If you are looking for an electronic, digital cutting machine that is portable and takes up very little space, then this is the right option for you. This style is specifically built to be as unintrusive as possible, while still giving you great power and efficiency to get the job done.

To understand this cutting machine’s quality, you don’t need to look any further than how positively the reviews have been about it. This was the number one in terms of the number of positive reviews we were able to find. That speaks volumes about how much consumers love to use it.


This digital machine comes with a 12-inch by 12-inch cutting mat with 50 built-in projects included with the machine itself. It has a holding capacity of 12 inches by 10 feet and allows you to perform embossing. Perfect for use with a wide variety of materials.


The performance is one thing that really stands out with this machine, as you not only can get incredible, precise cuts performed, but the embossing features really help to make it stand out. It can cut anything from vinyl to fabric or paper, and the embossing is ideal for use in scrapbooking, clothing, and other kinds of materials. It actually comes with a perfect tool for paper crafting projects.

Ease of use:

A digital display would have made this a little easier to use, and there is a little bit of a learning curve at first, but once you understand how to use all of its features, you will love how fantastic this device is. Clearly, it has proven itself to be one of the best cutting machines for fabric or other materials on the market.

Special features:

The most important feature is its ability to perform embossing on a wide variety of materials. While you get great cuts, the fact that you can get the embossing on such things as paper, vinyl, plastic, and fabric makes it unique in comparison to virtually all other cutters.

Additional accessories:

Additional accessories include 50 different pattern designs and projects, and the ability to connect to a smart device or computer using USB port connection. The software comes along as well.


  • Allows you to cut and emboss on a wide range of materials
  • Comes with 50 different designs and ability to add more easily
  • The most positive reviewed of all of the cutters we examined


  • On the higher end in pricing in comparison to most other options


If you are looking to do a little bit more sophisticated projects then you will find that this is the ideal cutting machine to assist you to do just that whether you work at home or are an industrial professional. Because of its ability to allow you to emboss and perform precision cuts, you simply can beat its performance and versatility.


No. 8: Silhouette Portrait Review

Outstanding Performance


Silhouette Portrait 2

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Best Price for Quality Cuts

It has 50 exclusive pattern designs that you can use and you can even add more with its USB port and software features. Plus Bluetooth device and Auto Blade setup.


Silhouette Portrait is a lot more technologically advanced than some of the other ones in our list since it has the capability to connect using a Bluetooth device and an Auto Blade.

It’s perfectly designed for use with different kinds of materials, including vinyl magnetic paper, vellum, and even transparencies. There are 50 digital designs included in this machine. It is a sharp looking machine that can perform a wide variety of tasks for you.


This digital cutter provides wireless technology advancements to connect with the device and has a cutting mat of 12” x 12”. The cutting machine has a holding capacity of 8” x 10’ and comes with a one-year warranty.


You receive a first-rate performance, allowing you to cut a variety of materials, including heat transferable materials, fabric, card stock, magnetic paper, and much more. Cuts are made with incredible precision, and the software included allows you to alter, design, and reproduce cuts with incredible precision.

Ease of use:

There is a little learning involved to be able to become an expert with the machine, but it is not one that is too complicated. There are additional videos that are available for you to learn and improve your skill with the machine, and the more use the better it becomes to you.

Special features:

The main special feature included is that there are 50 exclusive digital designs included with the machine, and you have the ability to add additional options or create your own using the software included. The Bluetooth technology makes it easier to connect and use the device by connecting to your smart device or other computerized programs.

Additional accessories:

This cutting machine comes with a USB port, as well as software that enables you to be able to do additional work.


  • Allows you to connect using Bluetooth or USB port
  • Reasonably priced and hundred $35
  • Auto Blade technology makes it stand out


  • No warranty included


This is a quality option for those who are looking to be a little bit more technological about the kind of cutting machine they purchase. You will love the ability to add additional designs, and as you grow more comfortable with this cutter you will find that it is ideal for helping you to perform any task or project you wish.

No. 9: Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine Review

Best Home Pick


Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine

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Your Go-to Cutting Machine

This digital cutting machine is your best friend because of its efficiency in terms of precise cuts with or without the use of a cartridge. It also has 100 ready-made projects!

This digital machine gives you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to perform precision cuts without the use of a cartridge, but allowing you to include one if you with so like, making it great for home or industrial use.

The easy to use software gives you great value in terms of designs and projects you can create, and this cutting machine has earned a large number of positive reviews, as consumers found it to be one they truly like.


This electronic cutter comes with built-in 100 projects and has a cutting mat space of 12” x 12”. Up to 50 different materials can be used with the device and you are able to upload your own images to it.


One thing that really attracts consumers to the cutter is that it is significantly quieter than most of the other options. This does not diminish its performance whatsoever, as it is able to cut up to 50 different kinds of materials and do so with great accuracy and efficiency. You were able to upload your own images, and it is the only cartridge compatible option in our review. It’s reinforced belts also make it a lot more durable and long-lasting.

Ease of use:

It takes a little bit of time to learn how to take advantage of all of its features, but that is more about its versatility and functionality that about its difficulty in use. You will like the fact that it offers you a great number of precision cuts and the fact that you are able to design and add your own images.

Special features:

The main feature you will like is the cut and write in one step function. It also allows you to add cartridges so you can make full-color custom stickers or artwork.

Additional accessories:

Accessories include 100 different ready-made projects and a 12 x 12 cutting mat.


  • A large number of positive reviews
  • Priced well in comparison to other options
  • Offers great versatility


  • Comes with no warranty
  • Does not allow you to use technology such as software or USB port


This is a terrific machine, which is adored by consumers and comes at a reasonable price, costing about $175. You’ll like its versatility and the fact that it allows you to use a wide variety of different materials. Truly a great purchase.

No. 10: Accuquilt GO! Big 55500 Electric Fabric Cutting System Review

Multipurpose Choice


Accuquilt GO! Big 55500 Electric Fabric Cutting System

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Ideal Cut for Quilting

Expensive digital cutting machine because it has great features. Its ability to work on two pieces at the same time is the top feature yet. It also has a wide workspace area!


This is the most expensive cutting machine in our review, which is why it ranks so low. There are a lot of things to like about this cutter, including the fact that it offers a large workspace area for you to be able to cut materials ideal for those who were into such activities as quilting. There also a large number of creative patterns included and it is quite easy to use.


This electric fabric cutting system offers a 14-inch wide die area which enables you to be able to perform two different tasks that are 6 inches wide at the same time.


The performance is spectacular with this device, allowing you to perform a number of tasks with great precision and with minimal waste. Not a particularly portable option, however. That is a minimal price to pay for a machine that is the ideal choice for anyone who is into quilting.

Ease of use:

Out-of-the-box, this is an easy cutting machine to use, but as you get more proficient with it you will find that you were able to do significantly more things. It’s a device that’ll be hard to step away from.

Special features:

Special features include the ability to work on two different pieces at the same time.

Additional accessories:

Allows you to be able to connect into a computer or other device using USB port and has software that includes a number of creative patterns that you can include.


  • Great versatility and functionality in use
  • Perfect for those who love to quilt
  • Easy to use and even easier to like


  • Is the most expensive of the products in our review
  • Received the lowest number of positive reviews in our evaluation

While the price will scare a number of people off, if you are into quilting, this is simply the best option for you. Even if you are not an avid quilting enthusiast, you will truly love the fact that this gives you a great deal of flexibility and versatility, giving you the option of using over 60 different materials in the machine.

A List of Other Products We Tested

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine
  • Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine
  • AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter
  • Sizzix 660340 Big Shot Plus Cutting/Embossing Machine
  • Cricut 2003782 Cuttlebug Die Cutting & Embossing Machine
  • AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set
  • Silhouette CAMEO 3 Wireless Cutting Machine
  • Care and Maintenance

    Buying the best cutting machine for fabric isn’t enough, you have to take proper care of it to ensure its best performance. They say that a craftsman is only as good as his or her tools and if you are not caring for yours that you can be sure that they are going to break down more quickly, which can lead to decreased efficiency and rising costs. This is why the care and maintenance of your electric or manual cutter is absolutely essential.

    For Manual Machine:

    If you are using a manual cutter than all of the moving parts are where you need to start looking at in terms of care and maintenance. This includes ensuring that you are oiling the crank and rollers, but not doing it to excess. You should also clean the entire apparatus on a regular basis and stored in a location where it is not likely to be damaged.

    The most important thing that you can do is to make sure you are following the instructions provided in the manual as to how to care for your cutter. All of the manufacturers of the products reviewed by us provided instructions for the care of their appliance. It makes sense to read this thoroughly and follow their recommendations.

    For Electronic Machine:

    The most important thing that you can be told here is to review the manual after you have purchased it. You will find that manufacturers have provided a detailed set of instructions on how you should care and properly maintain the cutter so that it continues to work with maximum efficiency.

    The number one problem that people will have with appliances like this is that they failed to work overtime, something that can be avoided or at least greatly limited by you ensuring you are providing proper care and maintenance. Store the cutter in a location where it is well protected and free from humidity, have it serviced as needed, and ensure that you are treating it with great care so that it will last for years to come.

    Wrapping It Up

    Looking to find the best cutting machine for fabric and other materials will help you to become even more efficient and spectacular in the projects and items that you are designing, whether you are a person at home making projects for your kids or a person who works at an industrial site. This is one of those fabric cutting tools that makes perfect sense for anybody who does a serious amount of sewing, quilting, or other kinds of crafting where cutting, embossing, and the like are an essential part of their craft.

    Finding the right option for you will help you to get the most out of your investment, and help you to design things that you will truly be proud of. Hopefully, this review has provided you with some important information that will help you to be the master craftsman or woman that you so aspire to become.