SINGER Futura CE-250 Review (Sewing and Embroidery Combo Machine)

    SINGER Futura CE-250 Review (Sewing and Embroidery Combo Machine)

    SINGER Futura CE-250


    Built-in stitches (100)


    Included Embroidery Designs (120)


    Monogramming Fonts (5)


    Easy control features


    Advanced features


    Buttonholes (6, 1-step)





    • Quick & convenient
    • Large variety of designs
    • Great value for money
    • Software upgrade
    • Versatile


    • Complex functionality

    If you are looking for the best embroidery and sewing machine which will allow you to make beautiful embroideries aside of sewing, the Singer Futura CE-250 can be an excellent choice for you. It has a wide array of features, like automatic buttonholes, twin-needle control, built-in stitches, etc. to make the sewing and embroidering processes simpler, time-efficient and highly rewarding.

    But before you buy an embroidery and sewing machine, it is better to understand its features, advantages, disadvantages, etc. to ensure that you make an informed buying decision. This Singer Futura CE-250 review has been created to provide you with the detailed information about this amazing embroidery and sewing machine.

    SINGER Futura CE-250 review


    Let us begin this review with a list of accessories that come with Singer Futura CE-250.

    • Spool Caps
    • Spool Nets
    • Bobbins
    • Needles
    • Zipper Foot
    • Thread Guide
    • Power Cord
    • Embroidery Foot
    • Scissors
    • Button-Sewing Foot
    • Foot Pedal
    • Buttonhole Foot
    • Satin Stitch Foot
    • Blind Hem Foot
    • General/All Purpose Foot
    • Screwdrivers
    • Seam Ripper/Brush
    • Instructions Manual
    • Embroidery Software CD

    Key Features

    The next part of this Singer Futura CE-250 review is the key features that make this machine a must-buy for beginners as well as professional embroiders. Let us have a look at some of the features that make Futura CE-250 one of the best sewing and embroidery machines.

    Single-Touch Stitch Selection

    For selecting a particular stitch as well as the ideal settings for width, length, pressure, tension and balance, all you need to do is press a single button and the machine will automatically do the rest.

    Top Drop-In Bobbin for Easy and Quick Threading

    To start sewing, you are only required to drop the bobbin and loop the sewing guide. Once done, simply pick the thread from the bobbin and then you are ready to start sewing.

    StayBright LED Lights

    There are LED lights on both the sides of the needle which allow you to see your work easily and finish it with utmost accuracy.

    Lettering Program

    Singer Futura CE-250 has a lettering program with a total of 5 fonts- Script 2, Block Large, Times Large, Courier, and Arial Large. You can easily shape, rotate and size the letters with any of the 30 built-in lettering frames, like banner, arc, wave, etc. Moreover, there is also outline lettering along with a satin stitch or running stitch outline.

    4 Ways to Transmit Embroidery Designs

    You can transmit embroidery designs to the Singer Futura CE-250 machine in 4 different ways. You can transmit a single block of color at a time, transmit the entire design together, send the design in a single color or choose the sequence of color while submitting the data.

    Box Feed and 4-Segment Feed Dogs

    The unique arrangement of feed dog allows this embroidery and sewing machine to pick fabric and support it from the front part of the presser foot all the way to rear. Also, unlike the traditional arc motion, the movement of the feed dogs is in a box motion due to the presence of box feed. As a result, the feed dogs are able to maintain an equal contact with the presser foot and the fabric.

    USB Connectivity

    Singer Futura CE-250 can be directly connected to a computer or laptop with the help of a USB cable. This feature is generally found in more expensive embroidery and sewing machines, but it is available for you in this machine at a cheaper cost.

    Automatic Firmware and Software Updates

    All the latest firmware and software enhancements can be manually or automatically downloaded right from the Futura software that comes with this machine.

    Product Maintenance

    SINGER Futura CE-250 review

    One of the most important steps of maintaining the functionality of your embroidery machine is regular maintenance and we will discuss this factor in this part of the Singer Futura CE-250 review. If you are using an embroidery and sewing machine for the first time, Futura CE-250 comes with a maintenance guide as well to make the process easier for you. The guide contains detailed information about different tasks the users should perform to make sure that their machines work flawlessly.

    However, a crucial thing you should keep in mind while using this machine is you must use only premium-quality threads when you weave with this machine. Moreover, damaged needles should never be used. If you see that the needle is damaged, make sure that you replace it with a new one. Apart from regular maintenance, if you see that any part of the machine is damaged or you are not able to make a particular function work then  it is better to ask for professional help rather than trying to repair it yourself. There is a major possibility that you might worsen the problem and your machine then might need expensive repairs or part replacements.

    Replacement Parts Availability

    Although Singer Futura CE-250 is one of the best embroidery and sewing machines currently available in the market, even the best of electronic products can malfunction or get damaged and thus might need replacement parts. If you compare it with other embroidery and sewing machines, you will realize that the replacement parts of CE-250 are easier to get. This is because Singer is a world famous brand and a lot of dealers and online stores sell their replacement parts. But as mentioned above, rather than replacing the parts yourself, make sure that you get professional help.

    Pros and Cons

    Next in this Singer Futura CE-250 Review are the pros and cons of this embroidery and sewing machine. Make sure you go through these pros and cons carefully before making your final decision.


    • Sewing is highly impressive
    • Extremely easy to use and even beginners can master using the machine in a few days
    • Excellent set of features that make the sewing and embroidering processes quick and convenient
    • Large variety of embroidery and sewing designs and these designs can also be modified with the help of the included software
    • Great value for money as compared to other high-end, expensive models
    • Software and firmware can be automatically or manually upgraded
    • A large number of reviews on this Singer Futura CE-250 suggest that the 24/7 online support from the manufacturing company is indeed very helpful


    • The manual that comes with this embroidery and sewing machine is a bit difficult to understand
    • Many users said that the functioning of Singer Futura CE-250 is difficult to understand for the beginners. But the reality is, beginners will find any sewing and embroidery machine difficult to understand at first and regular practice will eliminate all the confusion
    • You need a computer and some elementary knowledge for using this embroidery and sewing machine. It will also help you use different features of its software As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons for this machine’s highly affordable price tag.

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    Ease of Use

    The next part of this Singer Futura CE-250 review is the user-friendliness of this embroidery and sewing machine. If you’ve never used a monogramming machine in the past, you might find Singer Futura CE-250 a bit difficult to use. Even its software is not very easy to understand at first. So, you would have to spend some time with this machine to understand its features and functions for getting desired results. The best thing about this embroidery and sewing machine is unlike the machines from other brands that only come with a manual, you’ll have 24 x 7 online support from Singer. So, if you face any problem, you can easily get in touch with the online team quickly to resolve your issues.

    My Verdict

    Futura CE-250 from Singer is undoubtedly one of the best home embroidery machines currently available in the market. Moreover, it has some amazing features that you can only find in embroidery and sewing machines that cost more than a thousand dollars. While you do need some practice to excel at the features and functions of this machine,  you will only get the desired results every single time once you are used to them.

    Warranty Details

    Singer Futura CE-250 comes with a 25-year limited warranty which includes 25 years of warranty on its parts, 5 years for electronic parts and 1 year for the labor.

    Value for Money

    If you need a high-quality embroidery and sewing machine, Futura CE-250 is the one that can provide you with excellent value for money. While the machine costs more than $800, it has a number of features that you can only find in high-end embroidery machines that cost thousands of dollars.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope that this review of Singer Futura CE-250 has provided you with detailed information about this machine and thus it has made the buying process easier for you. If you still have any doubts about this amazing home embroidery and sewing machine, feel free to use the comments section below and we’d love to help you out.


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