September 21, 2019
According to the professionals the needles for embroidery should be chosen once you have
Essential Sewing Tools for Dressmakers: A Must-Read for Novices!
In the present day culture, sewing has become mostly a mass manufacturing trade, but there is a rare art form of sewing that is still alive and thriving in our society. If you ask them what they prefer to be called you will get a variety of responses, dressmaker, seamstress, seamster, tailor, sewer, sewist, alterations expert. Whatever they prefer to be called, they are pretty hard to come by, which makes it a valuable craft, and they have
Fool-Proof Ways to Keep Your Upper Thread From Breaking
If you are a novice or even an advanced quilter, you have probably experienced the issue of those pesky threads breaking.
Learn to Sew Stunning Ruffles with a Ruffler Foot
How many people actually know how to use a ruffler foot? How many people really know how to sew a ruffle? After reading this piece, you will have your own idea as to what a ruffler foot is and how it’s used!

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