How to make your own die cuts without a die cutter?
Die cutting machines are a very efficient way to cut all sorts of weak materials, whether it is fabric, paper or cardboard. Die cuts involve mass producing particular shapes in some cases.
Learn to Sew Stunning Ruffles with a Ruffler Foot
How many people actually know how to use a ruffler foot? How many people really know how to sew a ruffle? After reading this piece, you will have your own idea as to what a ruffler foot is and how it’s used!
Fabric Cutting Tools: Types of cutting machine used in Apparel industry
Fabric cutting is an integral part of getting your project created. Whether you are creating designer clothes, quilts, curtains, or embroidery projects, you’ll need to cut the fabric from the original bolt or another medium. Gone
Fool-Proof Ways to Keep Your Upper Thread From Breaking
If you are a novice or even an advanced quilter, you have probably experienced the issue of those pesky threads breaking.

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