Learn the Easy Steps to Make a Sewing Table
For the experienced sewing enthusiast or quilter, having a sewing machine at the same height as the table that you’re working on has many advantages. Besides the obvious visual and structural reasons,
Few pastimes are as rewarding as the ancient art of wielding needle and thread. Whether you use sewing as a creative outlet, a way to save money or simply to keep yourself occupied, the task can sometimes feel uninspired or thankless. Especially in the absence of a permanent workstation, when taking your machine out from
Die Cutting Guide : How to Use Die Cutters to Make Marvelous Projects
When you are working on projects, appliques and embellishments are great ways to add pizzazz and interest to any project. With die cutting, you can easily cut pieces into virtually any shape. This allows for beautiful complex shapes to be cut qui
3 Simple Steps to Using Dress Forms Like a Pro!
Many amateur and home dressmakers do not know how to use a dress form, as they believe it is used only in the industry and by sewing/ tailoring experts. However, using a dress form is an important skill regardless of your sewing ability, and knowing how to use a dress form to make a pattern will help you massively if you are sewing for a hobby, for personal use or for a profession. This article will outline how to use a dress form to make a pattern, different draping techniques using a dress form and the tools needed to help you sew, drape and overall use a dress form to its full potential.
Spruce up Your Sewing with These Backstitch Techniques (step by step)
Backstitching is a simple technique used by many to make designs pop out in their embroidery work. It has a few different uses depending on your preferred type of stitching and embroidery work. It helps to outline and highlight imagery and details
How You Can Get Rid of Unwanted Embroidery for Good
In this guide, I’m going to give you an easy way to remove embroidery from your clothing. First, I’m going to break down what tools you’ll need to successfully get the job done.
Fool-Proof Ways to Keep Your Upper Thread From Breaking
If you are a novice or even an advanced quilter, you have probably experienced the issue of those pesky threads breaking.
Different Ways of Drawing your Own Dress Pattern
This article will outline how to make a pattern for a dress, as well as how to make your own sewing patterns. This easy step by step guide will also show you how to draw a dress pattern
Learn to Sew Stunning Ruffles with a Ruffler Foot
How many people actually know how to use a ruffler foot? How many people really know how to sew a ruffle? After reading this piece, you will have your own idea as to what a ruffler foot is and how it’s used!
How to adjust Tension on Your Sewing Machine? Step by step
Classical sewing machines are used in many working situations but they can go wrong in many ways. Sometimes they can be dangerous, sometimes they perfectly thread but finding the second option is sometimes quite hard.
Tired of Needle Breaking and Thread Bunching Issues? Way Out Explained
Fixing sewing machine problems is no laughing matter, especially when yours stops working during an important project.
How to Make Your Own Dress Form
If you are tired of paying out for expensive, custom-made dress forms, then have you ever thought about how to make your own dress form? DIY dress forms are becoming more and more popular due to the amount of money they enable you to save. So, if you can spare a little time and effort, and can find yourself a pair of helping hands, then a homemade dress form could be perfect for you.
Starting Your Own Embroidery Business? Keep these few things in mind!!
Whether it is a fairly new idea, or you have been dreaming about it for many years, opening your own embroidery business can be extremely empowering and life-changing. Chances are you already have some experience
What to know while choosing and using embroidery digitizing software
Embroidery digitizing is a complex process that involves transferring an artistically and creatively conceived stitch design onto a ‘stitch file’ that can be read by an embroidery machine.
Seven Things You Must Know When Buying a Sewing Machine
Sewing is indeed a fun task to do. It is great that you are interested in learning sewing. It is creative, fun and keeps you indulged.
Embroidery Techniques: know the best hooping tips and tricks
Embroidery is the art of stitching designs on to a cloth or fabric to in order to make in look more attractive. In embroidery, there are some methods or steps that should be followed to avoid looping of thread and the problem of designs not lining up.
How to Find & Fix Embroidery Machine Problems on Your Own?
Embroidery is the art of stitching or forming designs on clothes and fabrics. in olden times, these works were done by hands. So at that time it was known as a popular handicraft
Home Embroidery Machines - Top 5 Things You Should Know
As you set out to buy a home embroidery machine, the sheer variety and type of home embroidery machines in the market will leave you a bit dazzled- especially if this is your first time while doing so. There is no end to what the
How to Use an Embroidery Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
Learning how to use an embroidery machine can turn out to be a daunting task especially if you have no past experience at all.
Top 5 Embroidery Design Queries You Want To Be Answered
If you have recently purchased an embroidery machine or are planning to buy one, you might already be thinking about the amazing designs that you will be able to make with it. These embroidery machines generally have a number of designs already available in them. But over time,

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