How to adjust Tension on Your Sewing Machine? Step by step
Classical sewing machines are used in many working situations but they can go wrong in many ways. Sometimes they can be dangerous, sometimes they perfectly thread but finding the second option is sometimes quite hard.
Seven Things You Must Know When Buying a Sewing Machine
Sewing is indeed a fun task to do. It is great that you are interested in learning sewing. It is creative, fun and keeps you indulged.
Is It Worth Buying Cheap Sewing Machines? Check Yourself
One of the question that always strikes the mind of most of the people who are unable to buy new machines is whether cheap sewing machines are worth buying or not?
Don’t Stop Sewing: Easy Ways to Fix Sewing Machine Timing
Sewing is a hobby that was once associated with elderly women and likely the smell of mothballs. Now, in a generation thriving on creativity, sewing has become a skill that is admired and highly profitable.
Embroidery Sewing Machines - What are Your Choices?
When it comes to embroidery sewing machines, the variety of what all you can find in the market is vast. The level of sophistication that you can now get with these sewing machines

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